Gov't to compile second part of growth strategy next June


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Yep, what's the hurry? That third arrow is ready to launch, the bow is drawn, the bowstring is taught, the archer's arm is starting to fatigue, might I add .....quiver. Hold that position middle class archers.

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which is slower? a turtle, a snail, a sloth...none, it's Abenomics !

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They will have buckly's chance of getting foreign companies into Japan until they streamline all the legal mumbojumbo involved in having a business in Japan. There will also be little point in starting a firm in Japan if half the population are living in poverty. He should be focussing on economic issues within the country instead of trying to globalise.

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If Abe wants the economy to grow, he will have to make government shrink. In Japan there seems to be three chiefs for every two Indians. The chiefs have their heads in their backsides, and the Indians are afraid to do anything unless they are told to. The usual Japanese solution to this problem is to hire more chiefs.

The country and it's econnomy would work much better if Abe and his friends stopped pushing buttons and turning dials like a 4-year-old at Kidzania. The government and bureaucracy one needs to navigate through to get anything done is astounding, all the more so because almost no one you deal with seems to know what they are doing, and getting a simple "yes" or "no" answer can require a long wait until someone with the authority to utter one or the other of those words can be found. Often the answer never comes. Or when you eventually do get an answer, the answer is changed after you start to proceed with your plans. The best thing to do is not to bother asking in the first place.

But whatever, Singapore isn't that far away, and dealing with the bureacracy there is about as hard as getting directions at a koban in Japan.

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So far the Sky hasn't fallen as predicted, but Japan can be a difficult place to do business in, which I see as a good thing if you are in business here as it tends to deter many, meaning little competition for those who have the balls to knuckle down and deal with the issues of doing business in Japan.

Every country is going to have issues and unsuitable elements to deal with no matter where you go, it's how you deal with them that is the key.

I am sure the J Govt and Abe will address some of the difficulties of starting a business here or moving a business here, I doubt they are just going to put an ad in the paper to attract companies. Be more in line with changing dumb regulations around paper work, inkan shoumei sho every time a company wants to do some thing etc is ludicrous.

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The delay in compiling the growth strategy is metaphoric for the nettle that needs to be grasped.

Japan must be able to get its head around some key facts of life:

1 Change is the new constant - what you did yesterday is already obsolete;

2 Information is free - consumers dictate the market, not companies;

3 Loyalty is dead - don't take customers (or alliances) for granted.

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There might be a few businesses wanting to make a go of it, especially those catering to the elderly, brand retailers and those in for a slash and grab, but which companies would want to make the efforts to put roots down here for the long term with such high overhead costs and a rapidly declining consumer base?

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Deregulate ... and reduce the middle man % of the economy. (and agents' commissions as well).

Also agree with the good points by @SenseNotSoCommon@.

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They will have buckly's chance of getting foreign companies into Japan

They want to do things they should have done 20-30 years ago and now they have no chance. There was a lot Japan could have done in those days but it was selfish and now is paying the price.

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"deregulation to support venture companies"

Great news! Make it easier to grant stock options, faster to list on an exchange (better than JASDAQ), easier to hire/fire staff, easier for those staff to move horizontally into new positions, etc. Japan is wasting so much of its potential with these ossified business rules, regulations and "administrative guidance" in place.

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Allow immigration - wealthy foreigners who want to inject investment into the japanese economy and are willing to buy Japanese citizenship and its benefits in exchange for their investment. Has occured in my country and the rewards have been great.

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I will wait for Japanese government compile the second round of its growth strategy. Thanks for sharing with us such a good news. The Indian Republic

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It's good to see that Abenomics is a marathon and not a sprint. Hopefully the government can tame the energy costs which is eating up the profits.

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