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Half of Japanese firms think gov't should do more to curb rising prices


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Governments dont set the prices.

J companies should start restructuring themselves to be more competitive in 2022. We dont need another lost decade added to the 30plus years of economic stagnation. Ditch the usless middle managers, sack the unproductive Ojisans askeep at their desks. Award bonuses to any employees who can improve efficiency and productivity. Give employees time off so they have a chance to think about what they are doing rather than working on meaningless busywork up until the moment they go to sleep.

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Half of Japanese firms think gov't should do more to curb rising prices

Just like during Olympics where most people disagree with government, in this case government or BOJ will still go with ultra low interest rate and maintain weak yen, even it hit really hard majority of people and firms.

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Roughly half of Japanese companies think the government should take more steps to curb the impact of soaring prices as they bear the brunt of higher energy and material costs

But are they really "bearing the brunt" when in the next paragraph...

Asked about the kind of economic measures they want the government to focus on, 50.8 percent of the companies selected financial support, gasoline tax cuts and purchase cost subsidies in the multiple response survey conducted by Teikoku Databank.

When the public gets bailed out in an economic crisis but Japan Inc. gets nothing, which never happens,

maybe Japan Inc. will finally get to experience rugged free market capitalism, instead of the privatized profits, socialized losses socialism for the rich which they now enjoy.

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The solutions are obvious to people who didn’t attend a prestigious university. That says it all about the lost decades. Expect more of the same.

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I have come to realize that most people think they are living in a centrally planned economy.

This official is more up my alley:

an official at a construction metal products maker said, the government needs to "make efforts on more fundamental policies, rather than superficial subsidies and tax cuts."

A little bit backwards at the end though - if you are doing subsidies, you are taking money from some people and giving it to others - so tax cuts are by no means a bad idea, to the extent that they limit the amount of loopy subsidy schemes that can be practiced.

Of course with LDP government, they follow the same ideas as were followed in Sri Lanka, with money just printed and spent when it isn’t available. It’s the taxation without representation.

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Secondly salaries should be raised especially among young people. Average should be at least 536 500 anything lower than that will make you hussle to survive on instant noodles.

Most important thing I think companies can do. When you have couples who are both workng full-time, but have nthing left to save or invest, you know there is a huge problem. This money could easily be diverted from the overpaid ojisans, and they would still make more than they need/deserve.

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The government should promote...support measures aimed at raising wages...

Here's a radical idea. how about YOU - the ones who decide on and actually PAY the wages - promote "support measures aimed at raising wages."

Reality check: the govt doesnt set most of our wages: you do. The ball's clearly in your court.

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"Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has pledged to swiftly help households and companies combat rising bills..."

And when was it he said that? before the deflation he helped push with the BOJ resulted in the yen hitting 139 USD and import costs becoming even higher? Before vowing not to cap defense spending which is where all of our money will go? Before promising he'd give the power companies more money instead of consumers if they did their best to try and reduce consumption?

All Kishida has done to combat costs is to lay down and let the costs go higher... and that's not combatting them. If you thought he was doing nothing BEFORE the election, just wait not that his party has won another majority. I think ¥100/$150 US is just around the corner, as is yet more cost increases on daily necessities and product shrinkage as the prices go up.

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Half of Japanese firms think gov't should do more to curb rising prices

and 99.9% of Japanese think firms should pay better wages.

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Half of Japanese firms think gov't should do more to curb rising prices

Instead, maybe Japanese firms should raise salaries and cut work times…….wait, that unpossible!!!!!!!!

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BoJ stop printing obey. And stop yield curve manipulation

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They set the higher prices and at the same time demand sinking prices? That’s insane.

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Roughly half of Japanese companies think the government should take more steps to curb the impact of soaring prices as they bear the brunt of higher energy and material costs, partly due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and a weaker yen, according to a recent survey by a credit research firm.

An article that says nothing about the orientation of the companies, whether import or export oriented.

It is common sense that if the orientation is 50-50 the outcome will be half as indicated in the article but

in reality the non export reliant companies far outnumber the export related company so the outcome in

the article is skewed deliberately.

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60% of Japans economy is internal, but 100% of focus is on export companies that employ 3% of the workforce? Is it any wonder why the economy is wobbly and not benefiting, the 97% of people who actually work and pay tax? Are being left behind and the government seems to blame them?

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Keep supporting the antics and shenanigans of the USA and the rest of the west, and you'll see things get worse in Japan.

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In order for Japan to change the mindset of the government has to change, corporation have to much power they actually control the government who control the people. Until the government have some say in taxing these large corporation to offset peoples wages nothing is going to change. People will continue to think they have to work for the good of the corporation. The mindset has to change, where they have to think of themselves first! Once they realize where they are everything else will fall in place!

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They'll raise the Consumption tax further given the chance.

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The origins of the current instance of inflation is not amenable to the usual central bank remedies of raising interest rates or selling bonds to soak up excess liquidity. The inflation we experience today is driven by shortages, and those shortages are in turn driven by a combination of pandemic business and port closures and a sudden rapid change in household spending from entertainment (dining out, concerts, movie theaters, sports events) to consumption of goods, especially electronic goods to facilitate telework. Raising interest rates will not solve that problem. Investment in infrastructure such as in ports and railroads might help but the risk is spending a bunch of money expanding capacity and in a couple of years when the pandemic is over and all the supply chain disruptions are behind us we will be stuck with excess unused capacity.

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