Hashimoto, Ishihara discuss possible alliance


Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto on Saturday met with former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara and Takeo Hiranuma, the outgoing head of the Sunrise Party of Japan, to discuss a possible alliance in the lead-up to the next lower house election.

Ishihara, who stepped down as Tokyo governor last Wednesday, will take over the leadership of the Sunrise Party from Hiranuma and rename it later this month. He has said his goal is to create a viable alternative party to the current ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Hashimoto told reporters that he is willing to tie up with smaller opposition parties that share the same polices and values as his Japan Restoration Party, TV Asahi reported. However, he said that he has differences of opinion with the Sunrise Party over nuclear energy, the consumption tax and revising the constitution.

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I wish he would just go away already. :(

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an alliance of "too young and too old?" would further strengthen DPJ and LDP :)

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I think there would be room for a Japanese "green party" with modest goals and only people under 40 on staff! nice dream.

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Japan Restoration Party and Sunrise Party.... two names laced with pretty dark meanings for anyone who does not adhere to their definitions of Sunshine and Japan's restoration.

So those of you with tattoos, Korean heritage but Japanese names, foreign resident cards, liberal thinking or women hoping for equality, these guys are not your friends. Like all nationalist parties in all parts of the world, they will eventually scapegoat anyone and anything that does not conform to their vision for Japan and blame you for everything that is wrong with the country.

These men, the old blinking one and the young more savvy one, are hard core right wingers to be feared and worried about. Their ideas are the ideas of the past, the fascism that led Japan down its self destructive path in the 1930s, the same evil that gave rise to the Nazis in Germany. We should all be concerned if they come to any kind of significant power. Concerned for what that says about Japan, her people and her future.

History is a brilliant teacher, the hard economic times of the post depression are not too unlike the times in our post 2008 grand recession. The same fears, same economic worries, same anxieties that made otherwise rational people support extreme parties are here and obvious. Never underestimate the power of these factors in enabling dark political leaders to rise to power. Learn from history and do all you can to avoid the same mistakes. Even if that means getting out while you can if these guys come to power.

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hashimoto's popularity is already declining as people learn more about his policies, and everyone already knows about ishihara's, so pundits believe that they will make little if any headway in national elections.

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Japan Restoration Party and Sunrise Party is like Birds of feather flock togetther.

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Farcical - Japanese politics is a laughing stock. Now two more clowns enter the ring....

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"Hashimoto: However, he said that he has differences of opinion with the Sunrise Party over nuclear energy, the consumption tax and revising the constitution."

Trivial matters for sure!

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Soon, the ability to use a zimmer frame will be a prerequisite for entering Japanese politics.

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Why is it when these two put their heads together all I see is a huge ASS? If Ishihara ever gets to be PM all I can say is Pearl Harbor better keeps its air defenses up!

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Trivial matters for sure!

lol, "except for nuclear energy, the consumption tax and revising the constitution... we're pretty much cool."

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@tkoind2: The scariest part is that they'll up national pride over a tanking economy and failed government that they themselves or others like them created.

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An unholy alliance . . .

The scariest part is that the media machine loves it and will publicize and promote this nonsense.

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Alternative titles:

Mussolini, Hitler discuss possible alliance

Darth Vader, the Dark Lord Sauron ...

And what tkoind2! While I think the two major parties suck much like the two main parties in the US, the right sure isn't going to make anything better. Too bad the left is so fragmented and impotent virtually everywhere but that's what unfettered capitalism and corporate-state partnerships get ya. Maybe the CIA will start funneling more $ to the LDP like the 50s/60s so that the US interests remains stable. With loons like this in power, god knows what happens in East Asia.

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Maybe the CIA will start funneling more $ to the LDP like the 50s/60s so that the US interests remains stable.

They might not need to - I think the LDP old boys are pretty well entrenched in their constituencies and their backers have enough clout and influence to make sure that enough people vote the "right" way. Where I live, for instance, people who work for the local Diet member's family business have to vote for him and assist with his election campaigns. Elsewhere geriatric has-beens who got kicked out in 2009 have probably been making arrangements with their friends and are likely to get their seats back. I don't think there is much any new party can do against this, especially if the LDP can prevent the vote value disparity from being sorted out before the next election.

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