Hashimoto says LDP, New Komeito must not win majority in upper house election


Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, who heads the opposition Nippon Ishin No Kai (Japan Restoration Party) told the party convention on Saturday that they must work hard to ensure that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition New Komeito Party do not secure a majority in this summer's upper house election.

It was the party's first major gathering since last December's lower house election in which it finished third.

Hashimoto, who co-founded the party with former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, said the political landscape will never change if the old guard remain in power, Fuji TV reported.

At the convention, party members unanimously endorsed the pledge to revise the country's constitution to scrap the war-renouncing Article 9. Hashimoto has also advocated abolishing the upper house.

In January, Hashimoto met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss areas where the two sides could work together, but nothing came of it. During the election campaign, both Hashimoto and Abe said it would be difficult to work together as they differed on key policy issues.

On Saturday, Hashimoto said the Japan Restoration Party was willing to explore alliances with smaller opposition parties, such as Your Party, to prevent the LDP and New Komeito from taking control of the upper house.

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While I don't want to see Hashimoto's party in control of the upper house I have to agree with him, in my opinion, that if the LDP does win a majority in the election Abe is going to go crazy with all his hair-brained schemes.

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Good, but doubt if local and foreign media will side with Hashimoto.

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And what? if they DO get a majority he'll throw another hissy fit and threaten everyone?

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The problem is, Hashimoto's mob will side with the LDP on most issues, so the best outcome would be no 2/3 majority for the combination of LDP, their Komeito stooges and Hashimoto's band of nutcases. I doubt that will happen.

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As long as Nippon Ishin no Kai does not get a majority...

Mods, in the 3rd paragraph, it's former Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, not Shintaro Hashimoto.

Moderator: That has been corrected, thank you.

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Sure, but he wants to abolish the upper house.

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