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High fives, low bows: Electioneering, Japan style

By Natsuko Fukue and Harumi Ozawa

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...she decided to run anyway as a candidate but took to standing outside a station every day, bowing deeply to commuters in apology.

That is truly the most amazing thing I've read about an election! I'd love to see British politicians standing outside a tube station apologising after a gaff like that!  Still one can dream!

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So they are called warbler birds and crows these people who breach the peace regularly with their ghastly racket of noise pollution.

I can think of a few names for them, none of which could be published here.

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"Hey! Help me take out those arrows!"

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She decided to run anyway as a candidate but took to standing outside a station every day, bowing deeply to commuters in apology.

Can you imagine that happening in any other country on Earth? Think Trump after his sexual assault tape. At least there’s still respect for voters here

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And don't ever think of mentioning policy.

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Policy? They being politicians, Japanese style don't have any, the PM is rightfully PM because of a family connection not due to capability at all. Tell me what does the LDP plan for my family's future. A TAX increase? That's a winner. I'm almost happy old people decide my grandchildrens future as my care, concern is negated by old men who know best.

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Hahaha, if you 'vote' in an election with no credible opposition, how's that democratic exactly?

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wow, their pay is 15000yen for a 12 hour working day with no health insurance, childcare, pension? no long term contract? no job security? they must be so proud of their leaders.

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sycophantic housewives getting pin money for waving white gloves and wearing cheap nylon logo encrusted pseudo MA1 jackets.

great! Lead me by the nose to the polling station.

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could you repeat that name just one more time please. I'm so dumb I might forget it.

Such nonsense...

and just a tad annoying

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