High summer temperatures no relief against virus spread: Abe


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Anything he says is dubious, right or wrong he has a history of saying the most unintelligent most off Topic comments and can no longer be taken seriously in any context. If anyone needs a Premium Friday its this old man.

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higher temperatures in the summer are unlikely to slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus in Japan, given that infections are high even in the Middle East.

You mean to say that Trump was wrong? Wow...you don't say...huh!

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Like I said before, it ABE San is attached to anything said, ignore it.

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I think the government so far has been under controlled on the 2nd infection.

The higher number of cases in Tokyo on Sunday was also expected. Because of the result of the people related to night clubs took positively the PCR tests.

But I really still feel nervous and be careful every when I take public transportations

nobody cannot see the virus

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Dr Abe’s advice is lacking!

The virus is destroyed by higher temperatures at an increased rate.

This is a fact backed by scientific study

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you don't say... this was the BS that Trump was peddling but Australia and NZ had initial rates just as high (in the middle of summer)

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Just like Trump he should leave it to the professionals and keep his cake hole shut.

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Qatar has a high number of laborers living in cramped conditions. Tokyo has the highest number of cases in Japan, again, people living in cramped conditions.

The wealthy Qataris live in air conditioning 24/7.

The virus can survive for weeks under drier and cooler conditions.

Needless to say, my air con is off and the windows are open....

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However, you have it wrong. Abe san is a professional. A professional BS artist.

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Since when you take a politician's opinion to get a medical advice about viruses ?

But truth is, virus replicate less in warm environment. And A/C existing in most buildings recreates good conditions for virus

Easy to understand.

Many more cases in truth but seems the 1% death rate from virus not applicable here..so strange..

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Gee, ya think? It's only spread in tropical countries like Singapore and parts of Brazil, etc. for some time now. So much for praying it away through Japan's unique seasons, Abe.

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I have noticed recently that many Japanese have become more vocal about their opinions on politics.And nearly all of them think he(Abe) has done an appalling job.I would like to think this is is a watershed moment in Japan.......though it could go either way.

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Just like Trump he should leave it to the professionals and keep his cake hole shut.

well said.

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