Hillary Clinton healthy, quite wealthy: campaign statements


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"candidate Clinton seeks to embrace the role as fighter for America’s middle-class and downtrodden." - article

The economic meltdown created by AWOL Bush and company is still staggering stability and opportunity.

While the GOP-Tea continues its 'deer in the headlights' denial and blame most Americans are convinced that their campaign of obstruction, prosecuted for the past eight years, has crippled ordinary citizens economically.

Madame Clinton's resume, professionalism and world class stature can continue the work of President Obama to recreate the strength squander by AWOL Bush's trillions wasted in wars of opportunity and feckless disinterest in the Office of the President of the United States.

Godspeed Madame Clinton and continue the rebuilding of American strength so famously wasted in the disaster of Bush/Cheney's GOP-Tea war on America.

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It's her time ! Hillary for America !

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Hillary is going to kick Republican rump. And she will be the Golda Meir of US policy. And she will cackle her way into reelection.

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Madame Clinton's resume, professionalism and world class stature

This is the most heavily-veiled sarcasm I've ever seen in a post....because there is no way you are serious.

Hillary Clinton's resume: -Benghazi -sending classified information through her personal email -lying about both of the above

Those 3 things alone should be enough to give any rational adult pause to have her at the helm.

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I agree with the first comment. Banana Republic. An offence to real democracy.

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Personally I'm in the Bernie Sanders camp.

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'Bush v. Clinton.... again.

Banana Republic.'

Bush v Clinton could see the turnout drop below 50%. Two cheeks of a fat, Wall Street arse. The partisan nonsense will continue oblivious to this of course.

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A lot of ugly politics is about to get uglier

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Yep, another 1% rich elite who wants to tell everybody else what's right for them.....

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Bernie Sanders or Rand Paul anyone?

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Trump is too noisy and Sanders is too old. Hillary looks pretty solid at the moment. Of course, it's still way too soon. What we're watching now is the carnival before the main event (the calm before the storm), which is the general election.

Burning Bush is probably right about it boiling down to an election between Bush and Clinton. However, an independent run by Trump would be bad news for whoever the Republican candidate is, so they had better be careful about attacking The Donald during the upcoming GOP debates. Trump is fun to watch and listen to, but he's already shot himself in the foot by ticking off lots and lots of potential Hispanic voters. Sanders is a nice guy but he's in his mid-70s. In the case of Sanders, whoever his VP running mate is would be critical being one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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USA's only real hope is Bernie Sanders. I hope people are smart enough to elect him.

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It's hard to fathom that the Democrats have so few young, rising stars. Hillary is a classic "snout in the trough" politician, who claims to be able to govern a country with a multi-trillion dollar budget, when she hasn't so much as run a lemonade stand in her life. Sanders is refreshing, but another geriatric "yesterday's man" type. Are they REALLY the best the Democratic Party has to offer the nation?

The GOP, for their faults, at least have ideas. Also a strong crew of candidates with either real world or political executive experience.

Hillary has a rare combination of entitlement syndrome and persecution complex. Is it mere coincidence that her husband's speaking fees magically rose by 5 times once she became Sec.State/ President in Waiting?

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"Bush v. Clinton.... again.

Banana Republic."

The U.S. is no banana republic.

Is it possible Hillary can beat Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination?

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Hillary would be more convincing about her health if she show letters from three independent doctors including at least one from psychiatrist. After head concussion caused by unexplained fall public needs more reassurance.

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'Hillary would be more convincing about her health if she show letters from three independent doctors including at least one from psychiatrist. After head concussion caused by unexplained fall public needs more reassurance.'

The GOP debate/mental institution day out kicks off in a few days. Look out for someone dressed as Napoleon standing next to someone who is stark bollock naked. I've got no time for Hillary Clinton but she's a paragon of sanity compared to those who belong in the isolation ward.

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She is wealthy, all right. She is firmly in the pockets of the big corporsations and financial institutions -- all of which are criminal organizations.

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it is clear the Clintons took in well over $100 million in eight years.


2 people working So only about less than 7 m a year each.

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Hillary Clinton is healthy and “fit to serve” as U.S. president, her doctor affirmed

Would he have dared report anything else?

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@Christopher: You are not aware existence of Doctor Patiient Confidentiality in USA?

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'She earned 8.5 million dollars from 36 speaking engagements?' All you English teachers out there are , eat your hearts out!

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