Hiroshima governor presses global peace plan in U.S.


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Reality check please!... USA can disarm all the nukes we have... But do you think China or Russia will?.. How about North Korea??.. How about India??.....Do you think the Arab nations who are trying so hard to get them will?.. how about India?..... Israel is surrounded by 250 million Muslims that hate them and have called for their destruction.... No way Nukes around the world will be disarmed!

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How are things in Hiroshima? Must be a bustling paradise since the governor has time to prance around the world with a "peace" plan. Bet he can't even get a motel room in Tehran with this fantasy. And he might watch out, Obama has killed 2,000 "terrorists" with drones so far in his term. Wouldn't want to get on his bad side!

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Yuzaki said he hopes nations come to the realization that the doctrine of nuclear deterrence does not work.

Very true! Look at the 3 World Wars we've had since 1945 and the nuclear holocaust of 1999.

Ooops. Sorry, that was a movie I saw last week.

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I don't think that we will ever be able to disarm the nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons were increased in the hopes that the mere existence of the weapons would prevent any further extensive global conflicts, which hasn't worked. The nuclear weapons kept in readiness may well never be deployed, but until all of the nuclear weapons in the world can be accounted for and destroyed, the Governor's hopes will remain unfulfilled.

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