Hopes dim for DPJ to stay in power: poll


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And just what would the LDP bring to the table that the DPJ doesn't? After all they are just two sides of the same ineffectual coin. Neither party offers any hope for working people and families. Both are obsessed with their own objectives that too often run directly counter to what the people of Japan need.

The American elections are bad enough with only social and moral issues usually separating candidates. And even then by very little. But in Japan these parties are nearly indistinguishable.

So what does the future hold for working people in Japan in terms of improvement or change? Noting!.

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Most critical challenge is to get the financing bill through. LDP says DPJ needs to clarify timing of Lower House dissolution if they want support on the bill and DPJ is reluctant to provide clarity while criticizing LDP for undermining national interests through their lack of support on the bill. Both sides are seemingly taking the entire nation hostage merely to secure a more comfortable position in what is becoming a pointless yet harmful game. Responsibility mostly lies with Noda and DPJ in my view. They failed to deliver and believe swift abdication should be in order.

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sad but true, i have the same perception with tkoind2's & alliswellinjapan's opinion and im not even a political expert to see that.

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"Hopes dimmed for the ruling Democratic Party of Japan"

Good time to get a party in here that has some nads!

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@tkoind2, at least they'll be pro business, instead of being pro-nothing. The DPJ have done nothing except make promises to Joe Salaryman that didn't get kept, and they harmed US/Japan relations while also harming Chinese and Korean relations. Bring the DPJ back.

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Agreed - DPJ under Noda deserves to be kicked out , but LDP has done nothing to deserve being voted back in. So after ever so brief hope for a change ( my favorite moment being Renho grilling the bureaucrats and cutting their wasteful projects at the beginning of DPJ rule ) the LDP will get back and bring their corrupt , wasteful ,crony way of governing back in. On second thought that never really left. Bureaucracy, Japan Inc. and the nuclear village in particular must be very pleased with the strings they pulled behind the scenes and the way they steered J-politics towards their desired outcome ie. the inevitable return of the LDP rule ( the DPJ ineptitude just making it that much easier for them ). Japan will continue its slow decline with no hope for the average Taro whilst the ruling elites continue their old ways.

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LDP president Shinzo Abe is a shameless demagogue whose ideas for Japan are right out of the 1930s. The voters don't like him, even if the LDP rank and file support him. Knowing how politics work in this country, however, there's a good likelihood he'll be the next prime minister. Sigh...

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I agree with the first few posts. Oh really, the DPJ will be replaced with the LDP you say? As if that will have any meaningful impact on anything at all in this country.

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Both the LDP and DPJ parties have not done anything great to show the world that Japan were terible wrong and caused havoc to millions of people in the Asia Pacific countries during the aggresive periods. Even till the present time, the people in the two political parties have not change their mindset to acknowleged the country wrong doings. The majority of the young people want a better Japan that is accepted to the whole world. Throw out the LDP and DPJ, form new party to save Japan from declining further.

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The DJP is hopelessly inept and the LDP is the author of Japan's current dilemma. Abe is a joke of a man, as weak a bloke as they come. Voting in this country is merely choosing which thief you would invite to rob your home.

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The only way for any effective change to take place here in Japan has to start first off with the election of the PM coming in a general election involving the entire country. Until there are changes to how the leader is selected there is never going to be any change. All parties are marginalized.

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