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IAEA chief vows support for Japan on Fukushima plant decommission


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They will not let Japan dump million of gallon of radioactive water into the ocean

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The more normal use of the word decommission applies to a nuclear plant when it reaches the end of the life cycle. This is a major Level 7 nuclear disaster and remains a dangerous situation until at least all the spend spend is removed from the cooling pools in the 1-3 reactors.

Still wouldn't trust TEPCO/gov't over dumping the reactor cooling water into the ocean.

The IAEA are also part of the problem leading to the nuclear disaster. They also inspected the plants without pointing out the lack of safety controls.

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J gov needs all the help it can get

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In their meeting at the premier's office in Tokyo, Abe briefed Grossi on the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant...

How about letting independent experts (non-Japanese/non-biased) brief Abe on the situation instead of letting the corrupt and incompetent LDP control the narrative!

Grossi replied, "You mentioned history, history is of course part of that but...I think it's also the present and the future where this organization and Japan have a lot to do together in so many areas."

Well said, Grossi. Stop letting them play the victim card at every turn. The IAEA needs to play a more important role in this, I don't trust TEPCO and LDP to do this job competently!

Japan is one of the biggest 'nuclear threats' in the world right now...

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