IMF calls for Japan reforms, plan to clear debt


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So the IMF is saying the stimulus policies have been a success, but now a tax hike is needed, a reverse effect that will shrink those gains. Makes perfect sense: NOT!

Tax hikes and other austerity measures can inflict serious damage to slow-growing economies, according to the IMF's own report earlier this year. God knows what goes thru their pea-sized brains, especially since they used to be leading advocates of austerity... until they discovered the data had been fudged. Meanwhile, the economies that followed their dumb advice went down the toilet.

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but that far-reaching reforms and a “credible plan” are needed to reduce its debt mountain and sustain growth in the long run.

all Japan has is Abenomics, credible or not, you know better !

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so the great IMF is again on it, lucky we have them, after they messed up half the world and send their economic hit men all over the planet we now have them knocking on our doors here in Japan. Hope they get stuffed soon! As for "relaxing immigration restrictions " I wonder how that helps to bring down the debt/gdp ratio.... the only thing I can think of is that by relaxing immigration restrictions we get more workers willing to work for a BS houry wage (as if the 735 yen right now would not be enough...) anbd increase profits for multinational companies. Look at Europe, relaxing immigration restrictions is not helping to solve any issues, actually its exasperating most of them..... The only way out of it is to swallow the bullett for us now, higher taxes, less welfare ecc and we'll get out of it, more immigration?! what a stupif suggestions, as if those people wouldnt get old one day.... IMF = International Moron Fund ;-)

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What the IMF is saying is that Abe's economic policies are not credible and bound for failure. What his policies are doing to Japan is short term gain for corporates and the rich and wealthy and long term pain for the people. It appears many of Abe's supporters just don't get it.

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IMF is ABSOLUTELY correct and I see too many fools who refuse to accept the reality as listed above. Too much instability and suffering ahead of Japan,

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"IMF is ABSOLUTELY correct"

How can you say that when in the past it has been ABSOLUTELY wrong?

"I see too many fools who refuse to accept the reality"

This fool is citing reality, not refusing it. Anyway, reality has not been kind to the IMF's prescriptions in the recent past.

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JeffLeeAug. 08, 2013 - 06:27AM JST

"IMF is ABSOLUTELY correct"

How can you say that when in the past it has been ABSOLUTELY wrong?

They have never recommended "Austerity" measures to Japan as you described. They have been strongly suggesting an economic structural reform of Japan that needs to be done. Growth equals to Consumption and Investment Spendings as always. FYI

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