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IMF pledges action as warnings surge over EU crisis


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Where is UK? She has the rights to chair the rotation chairman of EU but no obligations to help others? How pathetic!

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The nation of Denmark is next in line to chair the EU, and with the frictions that exist between Denmark and the other EU nations this could turn out to be a very dangerous ride.

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The EU should disband.

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just-a-guy: The UK has no obligation to bail out Euro members, e.g. French banks that bought Greek bonds hoping to make easy money, that's what Germany is for.

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The UK has allready helped out in Ireland, for which we are truly gratefull. Here we are abiding by the austerity measures and paying the price beset us by a previous negligent goverment, banks and property developers. It is biting into our incomes in earnest and the budget in December promises even further penal cutbacks.We are in receipt of fincial aid from the IMF and the ECB, it comes at a price and default here is not a considered option.On a diminished income it is not surprising that consumer spending is sparse with most households purchasing nessessaties only.As I understand it the initial problem was leaving the banks to self regulate and this was not only an EU error but one that was activated in other economies also

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