In Asia, Biden pushed values he struggles to sell at home


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Politics in the US is crazy. Biden said the right thing on Taiwan.

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The president was, in short, promoting the types of values abroad of greater economic investment, cooperation and democratic principles that he has struggled to sell to voters in the U.S.

There is a good reason he struggles in the US; American workers were already burned once when Biden and his neo-liberal wing under Clinton pushed NAFTA and greater economic cooperation.

They promised broad based prosperity and instead got booming billionaire wealth and a race to the bottom for workers.

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Biden is doing ok. He came here and basically said to China, dont even think about invading Taiwan or we will attack you back. Good.

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He did not get to enjoy it,why he concentrate on others countries problem

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U.S. diplomat who is now a partner at The Asia Group. “This is basically the same policy, but with a stronger emphasis on deterrence 

Biden’s statements does not change Beijing’s strategy much and has no effect as a deterrent.

If Taiwan ever declares formal independence, Beijing will take military action regardless what the US military does, and that has been made abundantly clear.

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Biden is smart. He says and does things that get under the skin of the Dictators in Russia, China, and North Korea. Good on him!

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So, Biden made a pitch for free trade and displayed a willingness to stand up militarily to a communist superpower rival. The conservative Republicans back home are going to hate that!!

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A “long haul”?

His globalist policies do not reflect the majority of the US voters, or the will of the people.

Due to his policies the southern border security has been made null and void; incoming illegals get benefits, tax paying citizens, residents and veterans struggle to live.

40 billion of tax payers funds ok’d to be sent to Ukraine, while a bill for funds to assist small businesses hit by covid 19 lockdowns, is rejected.

His cancelations of leases for oil and gas drilling have made the US dependent on imported fuel, and the whims of foreign governments.

The midterms can’t come soon enough, and even then, elections are no longer sacrosanct; reflecting the will of the people, but manipulated when the will of the people stands to threaten globalists power.

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He says and does things that get under the skin of the Dictators in Russia, China, and North Korea. Good on him!

And the less than 5 minutes later “the White House” says he didn’t mean what he said. That just makes the world laugh at him.

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By pushing values ​​he means imposing US political-economic hegemony, and its own convenient rules against other countries that have their own self-determination and right to trade under their own criterion..

How much drama they make and how much fear they show every time China has them closer and closer..

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In Asia, Biden pushes values he struggles to sell at home

Now there's a headline thats definitely accurate !

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The president went on to say a Chinese invasion while unlikely would dislocate the entire region

Thats complete rubbish !

Unification of Taiwan with mainland China would create stability.

USA to stop interfering with other Asian countries economies and territorial disputes would help to stabilize the region.

USA go get your own economic region .

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Nice picture of Joe saluting.

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Is that a Roman salute, BTW?

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Supporting crazy Republicans is not what a sane American do

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Biden is nothing more than a very stupid puppet of the dem party. Amazing how fast the liberals have run the US into the ground. Border, inflation, supply chain , lifting tariffs, crime, you name it none of these liberal clowns in power do not have the experience or qualifications to solve anything. All they can do is scream racists.

at least under trump America was booming.

And now most of what trump was saying turned out to be true. Pathetic situation now. Liberalism is a disease!

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The only thing Biden seems to be good at is taking a firm stance with China and Russia, and supporting Taiwan. He'd be better off as Sec. of State, better than Blinken Zero, but he's too old for the job.

On domestic policies he's a mess.

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What an old geezer of a politician. The world has changed, yet this guy still thinks he's relevant.

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He pushed new rules for the global economy and promoted democracy

finally somebody will make the rules for every single human being on planet Earth.

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Biden’s final straight answer to a simple straight question yesterday was wonderful, well received and made the allies of the free world finally nod in unison. This one the old fella got right. Well done.

Historians may end up debating whether it was one of his granddad moments, or that he actually knew what he was doing, but either way it turned all the right heads in all the right directions. This long held choice to remain weak-willed and ambiguous on Taiwan was just ridiculous. Forcing the world to lie, what all tyrannies and dictators do to survive, since well, forever. Keeping people powerless and uncommitted is also a strategy used for control and manipulation.

We also know instinctively that you can never appease a bully, they will just keep coming for more and more. UNbullying them is the greatest act of kindness in the end, if you got the real goods it’s done through dialog. It hurts a bit in the short term, but mutual respect is born eventually.

By our Chinese friends just deciding to ditch the threats of reigning down an avalanche of death, destruction and terror to its very own ethnic brothers and sisters, ( which seems like a great deal to me ) the respect of the world would follow suit. I know it’s a long shot at this juncture, but why not? What a prize a new era of concessions and cooperation it could be! One agreement would lead to the next. Imagine! Their favorite song! ( Winter Olympics reference )

Side note: Living in collectivist Japan we all know and get to have a little taste of just how hard it is for those in positions of power and influence to ever admit fault and change course. They hold grudges and take things way too personally when someone dares to disagree. How sad. If you can have a laugh at yourself, one of the greatest things in life is to be proven wrong! Onya Biden!

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Totally ridiculous article for so many reasons. One example - Biden is pushing "democratic principles"??? He is practically ruling by Executive Order as he can't get much thru a Congress that is Democrat controlled. Sanctions are loved in the US but he is trying to get many Asian countries that are less gung ho for sanctions to join the US?

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If Taiwan ever declares formal independence

When are you ever going to realize that Taiwan formally claims to be the true rightful government of all of China as the ROC / Republic of China.

Taiwan has never claimed independence from China - only claiming to be a self governing autonomous region since Taiwan exited from the United Nations.

The PRC/ Peoples Republic of China is officially recognized by the United Nations as being the government of China.

Hence the civil war between mainland China and Taiwan region.

A ceasefire was achieved but an armistice or peace agreement has never been signed.

Its a civil war .

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Taiwan has never claimed independence from China - only claiming to be a self governing autonomous region since Taiwan exited from the United Nations.

Taiwan is not a region, it's a country.

Taiwan has a passport, currency, president, elections, and none of its govt systems are part of China's.

Try again next time.

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American politicians have nothing to do at home.

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American politicians have nothing to do at home.

Evidently not.

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American politicians have nothing to do at home

It's almost as if foreign diplomacy is an alien concept to some people. Navel gazing at its best.

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