In India, Abe hopes to conclude Japan's first defense sale in 40 years


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Go Abe go! India is also very annoyed by China. It is good to keep the angry tiger in check from more than one side!

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Abe’s government vows to review Japan's ban on weapons exports, a move that could reinvigorate struggling defense contractors like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.

It's about time. The ban should never have been imposed in the first place.

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Japan is very much alone. There id nothing mutual about China being a rival. This explains Abe's increasing nervousness and anxiety to give away money that the country doesn't haven't.

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It's about time Japan stopped suffering under a constitution written by occupying forces more than sixty years ago.

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TrevorPeace1Jan. 25, 2014 - 09:45PM JST It's about time Japan stopped suffering under a constitution written by occupying forces more than sixty years ago.

I don't think Japan has suffered so much from it as it has benefited from it economically. In fact if China hadn't exposed it's "peaceful rise" to be a lie and wasn't acting so belligerently, I suspect Japan would have been happy to remain as it was for all these post war years. Japan's current change in militarization and related areas can all be called the result of China's behavior.

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yeah, lets be friend with india... lets those chinese jeolous and they will behave like the true chimps they are... that will show their real face

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I hope the two countries can stabilish a win win business partnership.

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India has its own problems with Chinese territorial aggression on its borders, so it is a natural partner for Japan.

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I agree. China is a Communist oligarchy that needs to be put in its place.

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OssanAmerican is correct, Japan would have preferred to remain the same, but China has continued it's march. you cannot expect to keep pushing the country.

china has acted like the bully in the play yard

but it still is a shame Japan will now change

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Good that Abe realized a strong option for more developments and at same time ditch the crazy dragon!

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People should have power not to harass someone but keep the enemy at safe distance. Japan and India need to have closure military ties along with business relations so that countries with ill mentality keeps away. India is the land of Buddha and Japan is following the path of Buddha, we believe in peace but if we don't have capabilities to defend ourselves some ill minded will come and swallow us.

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So there's no need to push to change the law on weapons export, just go break it. After all the law was imposed by the Americans, the Japanese submitted to the Americans only because it was defeated. Japan is feeling strong now. Make the Americans look stupid. What can they do anyways?

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