Inada, speaking to SDF troops, warns on N Korea, China


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Hopefully, she'll encourage the military in Japan to actually dissuade China and North Korea from their belligerence...

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Welcome to the Chinese Century as they are very powerful military nation and will not be deterred from taking over the East and South China seas Too bad the USA does not do a pivot back to USA and let the nations of these area defend themselves The USA can provide lots of nuclear weapons to these countries

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How do you say 'very funny' in chinese? No, no 'taking over' in the south or east china seas. More likely those seas will be renamed to something more appropriate: North Taiwan Sea and West Philippine Sea? I am sure that the countries that matter will ensure that the 'status quo' is maintained.

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Inada has fascists for friends which suggests she shares their opinions and ideals. It's a sorry state of affairs when such a person can be in the government and the media are silent.

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I am sure that the countries that matter will ensure that the 'status quo' is maintained.

Uhm, there are freaking island popping out. I think the status quo has changed.

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Tomomi scares me!

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Like they need telling. or were they more worried about the threat from Samoa?

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She hasn't actually messed anything up yet, but a landmine waiting to be stepped upon if ever there was one.

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Japan today, get your grammar right, the title should read warns about North Korea, not "on". Basic English here.w

Moderator: The headline is fine.

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Kobe White Bar OwnerAug. 05, 2016 - 11:05AM JST Tomomi scares me!

Hopefully the Chinese and North Korean dictatorships share your feeling,

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Wars don't just "happen." They are caused by nutcases like Inada.

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unfortunately, china can not deterred by anything within the current international law frameworks. they have become very good at this bullying and seizing, rince and repeat strategy. however, an actual war is not what they are looking after, even an ensuing sanction would destroy their economy.

the russians are also practicing the same strategy in east europe, strange days we live in. its not a war, but its not exactly the cold war either.

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So she frequently visits Yasukuni Shrine. And she's the Defense Minister, that's bad ju-ju.

“China has rapidly become active in waters and airspace surrounding (Japan) and it continues its attempt to change the status quo through force,”

All talk.

“North Korea is repeating militarily provocative acts such as nuclear testing and a series of ballistic missile launches,” Inada told troops after performing a ceremonial review.

No action.

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