India, Japan to hold first economic dialogue


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now this sounds like a progressive and smart move as far as trade agreements go.

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If India and Japan work together,it would be win win situation for both the countries.Japanese Industry would get a venue for its product and the association with Japan would provide competence to India not only to boost its economy but to compete China successfully.But unfortunately the aging decision makers of India has more inclination to Europe (Germany France ) and USA and have very limited exposure to Japan despite so many successful running joint ventures in India.This is the reason Media in India has no mention of this event in today's issue.Japan should spend more on promotional activities in India by investing in projects like low cost housing which would benefit millions in India and attract attention of policy makers.Suzuki maintains its profitabiliy mainly because of its ever growing operation in India.This should be sufficent to prove that India alone can provide much need relief to Japanese Industry -whichever sector it may be.India is the safest bet despite its notorious bueraucracy,rampant corroption and political system .The association would ensure that Japanese products are available to global market at competitive prices. Keeping the long term benefit in mind,Japan should go all out to finalise a Trade Treaty with India.Japan should not depend on areas of Co-operation based on what Indian Government suggests but should decide based on its own research

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indians prefer korean products over japanese. coz its a price sensitive market. japanese are not used to selling on the cheap. its a little late for japanese to enter. my advisce o any japanese company entering india is do ur homework first. its a death spiral if u dont get it right.

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@garomakaikishi, agreed. People always complaining about cheap quality (cheap price) Chinese Products BUT i heard that India copies such chinese products and sell them more cheaper !!

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@garomakaikishi those product are not to be sold to Indians only, they can be exported to other countries. so i assume japan is doing right

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