Indian PM tours Kyoto


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No serious business talks just cultural exchange as i had predicted.

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Both nations hope to curb Beijing’s rising activity in the East and South China Seas and the Indian Ocean.

The a.m. article does not give the full picture. Before PM Modi's trip to Japan he met the Japanese press in Delhi where he mainly talked about India's view on the U.S., China and Pakistan. About Indo-Chinese relations he had following to say (please note - this was to a Japanese media audience): An excerpt - quote:

“China is India’s largest neighbor and a high priority in India’s foreign policy. It is my government’s resolve to utilize the full potential of our Strategic and Cooperative Partnership with China. I am keen to work closely with the Chinese leadership to push the relationship forward and to deal with all issues in our bilateral relations by proceeding from the strategic perspective of our developmental goals and long-term benefits to our peoples. I had a good first meeting with President Xi in July and I am looking forward to welcoming him in India. Unquote

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No one who visits Kyoto will ever forget the curious sense of being in the past that the city imparts. (Kyoto was the capital of Japan from the 9th to 19th centuries.)

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This may not make much difference to people of Japan, but it will definately help improve India really. I wish our PM visit japan frequently, and apply the Japanese system in forthcoming Indian smart cities. there is a lot to learn from Japan, for both, public & administration.

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Two great countries rich in culture Japan and India..

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if your not interested in temples then Kyoto is a snoozefest.

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@taito It means that India do not wish to fight with any country as ever. Thus good relationship with China is appreciated. But it is also necessary to protect self from potential threats.

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