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India's PM says Japan a natural partner on sea issues


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from the pictures and headline it seems Indian prime minister "Singh" is mistaken for Indian "Sadhu." He is a great statesman and economist and very well familiar with Japan. Either media or Mr Singh himself is keeping low profile in view of Japan's tense relations with China.

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@some14some Actually context, and intentions were not related to Japan-China relation. This article is about trade and maritime security. Mr Singh has the prerogative to not interfere between China and Japan relations about their land sovereignty. India-China had a issue over land few days back and it was sorted bilaterally at diplomatic dais. It is right on his behalf to take no stand as Island dispute has a huge history associated with it.

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Japan was lecturing India , a nation of 1 billion people even some years back about how not to go for Nuclear self reliance with its own US umbrella and no fukishama. It is a richer nation and wanted to be part of white nation some40 years back..Why its export to India is lagging? It jwas the first country to have a Car plant with Suzuki but will not agree to transfer even gear box technology.It is only with engry of Hyundai of South korea it opned its eyes.Now Sony used to sit at pedestal with US market.But today Samsung is leaping far ahead while sony's Xperia range is no match in price or quality.Dito with flat panel TVs where with same or better technology Samsung and LG products are cheaper.I have a Sony TV acyber shot camera but the after slaes are not upto the mark unlike Samsung.Japan has shown how it has recovered from such a huge Tsunami,earthquake and nuke accident all occurring simultaneoulsy while a country like India would have collpased.It is here Japan should show magnanimity

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