Industry donations to LDP hit ¥2.46 bil; up for 7th straight year


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This is because the LDP supports big business over "normal" people. It's much the same with both parties in the US.

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I wonder how much of this was pay back for Abe's corporate tax cuts, which he 'urged' them to pass on as salary increase an never happened.

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systemic corruption is on the increase, how's that tax rise going for you? If you are a company how's that tax cut going for you?

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I'm going to print this out for my students..

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I wonder how much money the farmer's coop gives them. Or if it even needs to given that the countryside is over-represented in parliament.

While I do not approve of this, Japanese political parties getting money off Japanese businesses is better than them getting money from shady Russian businessmen and Israeli secret services like the UK.

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Donations to the govt are corruptions if they help to gain powers.

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koiwaicoffeeToday  08:43 am JST

I'm going to print this out for my students..

You're a good teacher with a conscience...hopefully your students will be able to grasp the implications.

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These donations are tiny, compared to the political donations to candidates and party in the USA.

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These donations are only what is available in comparison to the USA its a moot point. Japan is poverty stricken so of course donations are smaller then a developed country. 70+ years of LDP would and does strip all the cash it can from the population. So not so much cash available.

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othWell, I guess we can surmise what tax cuts are coming before others, and what fields will be prioritized in trade negotiations... not that that was hard to see beforehand. This is why money should not be in politics.

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This sort of influence peddling by politicians should be illegal.

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I wonder how many of these corporate Big-Wigs were feted at the now scandalous Cherry Blossom Parties thrown by Abe & Co?

Hand in Hand methinks. Big donation and be seen with the Lauded One.

But we'll never know coz the name lists were all mysteriously shredded in May this year,on the the very-same-day they were requested under the freedom of info act.

Abe & Inc - like foxes in the briar patch.

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Corruption ? Japan ... No surely not.

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For some reason I thought that vote buying donations were illegal.

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