Inoki leaves for N Korea


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It's no problem if Inoki can sing well. What are the song choices? Happy birthday is already spoken for...

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Well Kim played basketball. Dennis played, too. Kim never played wrestling. CNN showed interview with Dennis, then later Dennis readinng his apology to the family of the man who have been in NK jail.

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Japanese are the people NK is least interested in. To the NK, all the Japanese ever want to talk about are the dozen abductees from 40 years ago, even during the nuclear negotiations, being "unhelpful".

But the Japanese politicians don't give up. Indeed, the political payback could be enormous. If you can get info about even one abductee or better yet, bring a decedent back to Japan, it would surely mean instant fame and guaranteed election win.

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If Inoki can't sing as well as Rodman, that's okay. He can find another way to lick boots and please the "great leader."

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Inoki forgot he made friendship with Kim's uncle who was executed? In USA news, we learned how kim's uncle was kept alive for 5 days and ......... how he was executed .

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