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Intellectual property a hurdle in Pacific trade talks

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“Already, many Asia-based nations have made progress on strengthening the rights of intellectual property creators, but more work needs to be done,” he said.

More RIAA/MPAA lies I see. The sad fact is that creators get practically no protections from RIAA/MPAA mafia thugs who steal things with impunity. Just look at the Viacom attempt to steal Christopher Knight's political campaign video! They violated his rights twice, first by mass copyright infringement, then by trying to usurp his exclusive copyright.

Patents are slightly different though, as those have technical purposes. However, those too are abused by patent trolls.

In general, IP should be left out of the discussion until laws that aren't a result of mafia lobbying are in place, and those laws protect the actual creators rather than companies that profit off of the creators.

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