Iran 'exaggerating' nuclear advances, Israel's Barak says in Tokyo


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Why is Barack dissing Iran?

Why doesn't he comment on Israel's arsenal of nuclear weapons?

A much more pertinent subject.......and a threat to world peace!

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Why Japan should fear a country that never has done any bad things around here?!

What is funny is that THE ONLY COUNTRY TO USE NUCLEAR BOMBS( right here in Japan for those who doesn't know) now is thinking that can rule the world, setting sanctions in a country that doesn't have any link with USA.

Israel, showing the reason why some nations hate Jews.

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Hey Western countries where was your support for Iran when it was clear old president Chatami will be gone? Ahmadinedschad in power now is also a mistake of a lack of intrests... But I am partly relieved to see that from Israels side there is some ratio still at work and there will be maybe no military conflict.

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