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Iran foreign minister likely to visit Japan in late August


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If only Abe would tell him Japan is on their side and they will never listen the outrageous lies told by the US government and it's vazal states.

If only...

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Iran/ Japan relations are good. The issue here is that Japan has to buy Iran's oil. This is what Zarif will be telling Abe. The path thru the Hormuz runs both ways...........If Iran can't sell its oil, it won't allow others to sell theirs either........Also like Tehran says.......if the Hormuz is open for you, then the Suez and Gibraltar is open for us. This is not open to discussion. These desperate coalitions being assembled by the fools in Washington are not going to work. Iran is not intimidated.

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lulldapull: "These desperate coalitions being assembled by the fools in Washington are not going to work. Iran is not intimidated."

But the wimps in the coalition are intimidated by the US. The Western Wimps are as much of a problem as the US because they have appeased and kowtowed to the US years instead of standing up for their sovereign nations. Now these nations are under the hell of the US and don't know what to do but keep kowtowing.

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@rlperez.....well put, but you just watch how Iran dismantles this set up. Yo've gotta remember that now Iran has its hand on the Iraqi and Syrian oil spigots. Combined Iran/ Iraq/ Syria oil production exceeds 8 mbpd. There's no way in hell anyone can make up this amount if its taken off the market. Iran has considerable leverage over both Syria and Iraq, and if push comes to shove, Iran will choke off Persian Gulf oil to the world. No need to shut down the Hormuz. Iran has many ways to counter Trump's shenanigans. With an Iranian victory assured in the Yemen, Iran can choke off the Bab Al Mandab straits on the other side to choke off oil to the West. Russia/ China/ Iran will and can persuade Maduro as well to choke off his output. I'd like to see Trump counter all this. The buffoons sitting in DC didn't think this thru properly. They can't fight the rest of the world with juvenile sanctions or threats.

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This sends a wrong message to Washington DC at a very critical time.

The Korean warship heading toward the Middle East right now has completed the training specific to Hormuz patrol mission and stockpiled additional equipment, ready to patrol the Hormuz with a phone call from Moon Jae In.

Not only is Japan actively refusing to join the Hormuz patrol, but Japan is rolling out a red carpet to Iranian foreign minister next week.

It reminds the US who its true ally is and who not, who has bled with the US in Vietnam and who has not.

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