Iran says it hopes S Korea, Japan will release $1 bil in blocked funds


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As soon as they give it back, watch attacks against the West increase

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They see Biden as a pushover and they know now is the best time to ask because they think the US is in political turmoil they will only use the money to pay for more nuclear armament.

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They produce already more enriched Uran than IAEA allowed now, still without that money. Of course they want now to go on a shopping tour in North Korea and similar places for buying the rest that is needed for completing the bomb. On the other side it’s their money. The UN should administer those amounts and not pay it in cash , but only buy food, medicine and such, and then deliver only that for them. So they can use their money, but not anymore for the development of atomic bombs.

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Left unstated by Iran is if Japan and South Korea don't hand over the money they demand then Iran will seize more South Korean and perhaps Japanese tankers. Might be best for both countries to contract with ships registered and owned in other nations to ship their oil through the Straits of Hormuz.

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