Ishihara says he is ready to help new political party change Japan


Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara said Friday that he is eager to join a new political party with Shizuka Kamei, who leads the People's New Party, the junior coalition partner of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, and Takeo Hiranuma, head of the opposition Sunrise Party.

The party will be the New Sunrise Party. Ishihara, 79, said he has done all he can for Tokyo and he now wants to help the New Sunrise Party to improve Japan for future generations, NHK reported.

The New Sunrise Party is expected to draw support from disgruntled members of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan and opposition parties.

The group is also believed to have contacted Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto and Aichi Gov Hideaki Omura.

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Either Too late or too early for Ishihara, 79 to go on International Stage, neither US nor China will recognize him.

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I really do not like this guy. He is out of control and it makes me wonder if he is rigging his elections.

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With Ishihara leading the way this will be the sunset of the New Sunrise Party.

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Maybe that's how we can get finally rid of this bafoon, vote for him and get him in as Prime Minister. Within a few months his ratings will drop like every other prime minister does, no PM lasts more than 9 months in this country, and then we can finally say goodbye to his derriere.

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pretty scary prospects if this jerk throws his hat in the ring

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Actually, I find Kamei a scarier prospect than Ishihara. At least Ishihara has his clear-cut principles--whatever you may think of them.

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"New Sunrise Party". They couldn't come up with a different name? I have problems keeping track of all these party names as they all sound the same - and do exactly the same thing. Make pathetic promises, screw the people and line their pockets. "Old racist gits party" would be more appropriate and easier to remember.

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Ishihara is one of the few leaders with a vision that can save Japan and also help the rest of Asia achieve a co-prosperity that will lift the region economically and reduce dependence on the Eurozone and dying US markets for export. Hopefully people will wake up and realize he is the best candidate for the future of not only Japan, but also Asia itself.

-22 ( +1 / -22 )

Parties in Japan are like diapers. You have to change them often.

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maybe it can be called, The peoples xenophobic party

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Vision? The Olympic bid which he's wasted millions on? Save Japan? By burning nuclear waste in Tokyo? Help the rest of Asia? While hating them and making racist comments? Good luck with that line of thinking.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

I doubt that Ishihara's xenophobic "vision" of a Japan where everyone worships the emperor, bows to the flag, sings the anthem at every opportunity (or gets fired) and hands large sums of money to his black-van mates is going to do much good for the country as a whole.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

"New Sunrise Party. Ishihara, 79, said." As my mates above have said, this is the old sunset party, if anything. Fat lot of new ideas we can expect from those doddering fascists.

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Doesn't everything he stands for go AGAINST changing Japan?

As J4p4nFTW clearly reiterates, 'let's take Japan back to the Good old Days of the East Asia Co-Prosperity days!" is the Ishihara way 'forward'.

Bring it ALL back!!! Comfort women and all!! (sarcasm)

79 year old power brokers? Even Rupert Murdoch was wise enough to pass everything on to Juniors, coz he was just too old!

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at least with ishihara everything is upfront.

he is not one of these secret society scions of the pre wwii oligarchy that was put in power after wwii, such as taro aso.

since ishihara is an upfront nationalist, you can confront him on that, which at least promotes open political debate, and that is part of the process that leads to finding viable answers to the problems faced by society at any given point in time.

his failures are many and often harped on--the banking ventures, etc--but he did accomplish the somewhat herculean feat of taking on the powerful vested interests in the transportation sector to enact the world's first environmental laws requiring catalytic converter exhaust systems for diesel trucks.

furthermore, that political action caused new technology to developed so that the manufacturers could make vehicles that met the new standards.

as a result, the particulate matter in tokyo air was substantially reduced, improving the air quality in the world's largest metropolis, and enabled other countries to follow suit.

so, to his credit, he has demonstrated leadership and accomplished something positive, which is more than can be said for most politicians these days.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

When foreigners defend Ishihara it's like an expression of masochism...

2 ( +3 / -1 )

this is just too funny for words.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

The Japan needs more men as you ishihara-san.Gambate kudasai!!!

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

I admire politicians as Ishihara-san,Yoshitaka Shindo,Takeo Hiranuma,Tomomi Inada,Masahisa Sato, in my opinion they are heroes.True Samurais !!!(

-16 ( +0 / -16 )


Let's not forget Ishihara setting up a bank in Tokyo. That was a real money drain.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

Change Japan into what...? a fossil?

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Issa1: "True Samurais !!!("

Samurai are criminal according to Japanese law, so I guess in that sense they fit the bill. Beyond that, they are nothing like samurai at all -- weak, old men who are corrupt with power and want to put Japan's head further in the sand than it already is.

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Osaka Mayor and Toru Hashimoto

I thought he was the Mayor of Osaka?

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if these fools can gain any traction it will be seriously bad news for a country that already has way to much bad news!

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One thing I like about Mr. Ishihara is that he isn't afraid to speak out his mind. I just wish he could carry on.

-5 ( +0 / -5 )

One thing I like about Mr. Ishihara is that he isn't afraid to speak out his mind.

I'd like him better if he had one....

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In August 2003, Kamei acknowledged receiving political donations from the leader of a group of loan sharks affiliated to the Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest known yakuza syndicate in Japan.

Now what could possibly be the motivation for our Dear Leader to associate himself with such an unsavoury character?

He's done all he can for Tokyo? Has he paid back the money he "lost" with his Shin Ginko Tokyo, which the Ministry of Finance told him he had neither the legal right nor the knowhow to set up with taxpayers' money?

Has he explained where the billion yen he "spent" on his last Olympic bid went to, as he promised he would?

I smell palms being greased at this very moment, with our money. Yet soon we'll have to make sacrifices to pay our increased tax rate, because "there is no other way".

This place is a feudal kharzi.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Ivan, you nailed that one, buddy.

The best thing that Ishi could do for Japan (other than/in addition to paying back the Tokyo Shin Ginko losses/Tokyo Olympic expenses/etc.,etc.,) would be to....how shall I say this delicately? Pass on. In fact, I would even put my money where my mouth is (You put my money where your mouth is, so why can't I?): Ishi, if you croak TODAY, I will personally give 1,000 yen in alms at your funeral.

Ball is in your court, pal...

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As the old saying says, only the GOOD DIE YOUNG, so I would not hold my breath on this old fart right wing racist Ishihara to die anytime soon by natural causes.

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More meaningless fringe parties...just what we need!

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Feel sorrier and sorrier every day for all you folks still trying to make a go of it there in Japan. This is just adding insult to injury. Besides all the daily announcements of continued failures by TEPCO, new hot spots, contaminated food, and the likely raising of taxes to pay for all the incompetence, now they are forming a new party led by two self-proclaimed xenophobic old men. If I am not mistaken, Kamei was one of the guys who led the charge to make sure that foreign residents would not get the right to vote in local elections. And he was almost single-handedly responsible for getting all the postal reforms by Koizumi repealed. A vote for this party is simply a vote for more government grid lock and burying Japan's head further in the sand.

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I think he is talking about the (shin?) "Tachiagare Nippon" party, with members so old that when it was formed 5 years ago, punters joked that it was or should be the "tachisagare" (stand down) party.

I would like toknow why j4p4nFTW recommends Ishihara, in more detail. He is always using English originated words (gairaigo) and sounds to be of the postwar "we can be American and beat them at it" generation, rather than having a vision for Asia.

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Ishihara is better than Node, at least he has a possibility of changing japan's hopeless situation. however im worried if he would be cause of next war. anyway he has not so much chance to be next PM. but a scenario that he become PM and will pass a baton to Hashimoto wouldnt be bad story.

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@j4p4nFTW. Thanks for making me smile today.

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Just say 'no'.

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he is eager to join a new political party

I'd hold off at least half a year and see if another seven or eight "new" parties form.

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"Ishihara is one of the few leaders that can save Japan"

Hee hee!

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