Ishihara says Senkakus purchase scheduled for April 2013


Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara said Thursday that the Tokyo metropolitan government's purchase of three of the disputed Senkaku Islands is scheduled to take place when the current lease expires in April of next year.

Ishihara recently sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party of Japan-led government by announcing in Washington this week that he had spent six months on secret negotiations with the owner of three of the islands.

Ishihara's announcement has been criticized by some for being reckless and has angered both China and Taiwan, who also claim ownership of the islands.

Ishihara's son and the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Nobuteru Ishihara, was criticized this week when he postponed a scheduled trip to Shanghai from April 20 to 23 to speak at Tongji University. Analysts are speculating that his father's activities may have influenced his decision.

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so will he use his own money or the peoples money?

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It is sad to say, but the people of Japan that I speak to about this issue tend to support Ishihara. And most say the same thing, they are tired of seemingly nothing being done about certain issues: North Korea abductions, Senkaku Islands to the south, the islands to the north of Hokkaido, etc... They wan't something done and all this foot-dragging by the Foreign Ministry, etc...means that popular figures such as Ishihara or Hashimoto in Osaka, are seen as strong and decisive. Tis scary if you think about it. These guys want a return to a "strong" Japan that means the common person is blindly following - this may be a recipe for disaster in the future. Luckily time is on our side with Ishihara nearing 80, but Hashimoto may well be a different story. :-(

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April 2013? Feh, assuming he makes it another year, I'm sure he'll have even crazier and more annoying ideas before then.

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How much will they cost, whose money will be spent, and how does he propose to "defend" them?

What does Central Government say about this? It must have constitutional ramifications, surely.

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Why... why would anyone want to use their money to buy this island (other than for ego)?

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I thought old people were burdened with leaving the world a better, safer place for their grandchildren, not inviting war and confrontation for their grandkids to endure based on some notion of pride equals power.

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April 2013? Feh, assuming he makes it another year, I'm sure he'll have even crazier and more annoying ideas before then.

Maybe he's preparing for the next April fool's joke.

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The thing you gotta like about Ishihara is if the guy has an opinion or idea, he is not afraid to express it.

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He can talk about this all he wants, but in the end that's all it's going to end up being. Don't believe he really intends to buy these islands. He's just trying to force the government to get off the fence and do something about this matter either way.

If they support his efforts then great for him, he can back out of purchasing it and let the central government get their hands dirty. The TMG is not capable of maintaining and defending this islands if necessary so by default it will become the burden of the central government.

If the government tells him no and stops him then he can portray himself as a martyr and use it as another example of how Japan and the Japanese have become weak in the face of "foreign aggression".

Just promoting himself and keeping himself in the news. Just like he did with the bank, the 2016 Olympics and is currently doing with the 2020 games.

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The thing you gotta like about Ishihara is if the guy has an opinion or idea, he is not afraid to express it.

Better to keep your mouth shut than remove all doubt...

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The thing you gotta like about Ishihara is if the guy has an opinion or idea, he is not afraid to express it.

There's also an expression I learnt in school, it goes "Empty vessels make the most noise." Definately applies to Tokyo's Village Idiot.

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I don't know 100%, but from what I've read I think these Islands belong to Japan. I'd say they were Okinawa's, and as long as Okinawa belongs to Japan, then Japan has best claim. But with the islands being so close to different countries there's no wonder it's disputed.

My problem with Ishihara, is that it's obvious that he dislikes the Chinese, couldn't care less what they think, and on the contrary comes across as relishing annoying them. If the transaction goes through, I bet he'll have a gala celebration, plant lots of flags, put some tanks on the Island, and right-wingers will be there chanting away.

China will be infuriated, and Ishihara will be loving it. But he has plenty of money and nothing to lose. His son is a politician so he too can just play tough guy. I would never want to send my son to defend that stupid Island and I wouldn't go there either.

Given the suffering the Japanese caused China, why don't they go the extra mile with goodwill?

He's just publicly stated that the Nanking massacre didn't happen, now he says he will buy these Islands and defend them. So, it's hard to think he's not just hoping for a fight?

I say the US should leave tomorrow, and tell Ishihara to fight his own wars. With no US here, Ishihara wouldn't be so bold.

Ishihara and the Kim family - these guys need to grow up.

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I for one am very excited. Ishihara is a genius and a visionary. I can't wait for him to take these islands once and for all from the threats of China.

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It will be done on April 1st of course , the day of fools. Ishihara is a fool of course.

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If the transaction goes through, I bet he'll have a gala celebration, plant lots of flags, put some tanks on the Island, and right-wingers will be there chanting away.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government doesn't have a private army. They don't have tanks. They are not going to be able to defend the island against a foreign invader. They don't have their own navy that is going to be able to patrol the waters off the island to keep out foreign ships. Ishihara knows he can't really do anything to stop China or anyone else from seizing these islands back. He's hoping that his grandstanding will force the central government into action.

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Okinawa does not belong to Japan I seem to remember that "To the victors, belong the spoils of war" I recall that we fought a war on properties selected by Japan and we won both wars ; One on Okinawa and the second war on the three main islands of Japan proper. Those were allied forces that fought and died to win both those wars. I can show you a letter to McArthur where Hirohito gave the Allied forces the entire kingdom of the Ryukyu Islands if the USA would not put the Army of Occupation on Japan Proper.

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Fossil politics and fossil politican is ishaihara shintaro!

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If it settles the issue once and for all then why not. I mean, personally, paying for something you already own is odd. But who knows.

One question I do have though: Why is the mayor of Tokyo setting foreign policy for all of Japan. Shouldn't Noda be doing this?

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@ Marion Wm Steele - we gave them back the island.... @yasukuni - So what you are saying is let Japan bend over and hand the lube to China. Japan needs to man up not give up...

Personally I think Japan should up their war industry and defend their lands. Main reason China wants the islands is due to the resources found there. Come on Japan, grow a pair!

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@Psyops, I couldn't agree more with you. It should be obvious to everybody that this is not about owning a piece of inhabited land. It's about Japan standing up to the raising aggressiveness of China. The Chinese foreign policy is aggressive and I think we haven't seen anything yet. Their military spending has increased 17% this year and they are building their first air carrier. Japan ought to assert its sovereignty on the land it rightfully owns. The same should happen for some of the Kuril islands Russia took from Japan soon after the war. Although I agree that Ishihara at times has said bold things and taken difficult-to-defend positions, this time I agree with him. Both China and Russia are the only 2 countries on the United Nations Security Council vetoing sanctions against countries like North Korea, Iran, Syria and the likes because of their dirty and self serving foreign policies. Still it seems a lot of people here are suggesting Japan should just give in to these bullies.

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upintheair, oh the Chinese may have increased spending but they are buying sodai-gomi. The Americans beat Iraqi twice against superior numbers. There equipment is no better being based off of Russian gomi. The Maritime Self Defense Force will defend against the Chinese foe. If the Americans do not honor their agreement Japan will have to go it alone. Going it alone means getting rid of article 9 and more. Japan will defend itself to the utmost!

What he does not understand is these islands will remain part of the Okinawa Prefecture and we expect taxes to be paid. Oh I do not blame his son, he might be in danger visiting China. Would not put it past the government to hurt or kill him. Of course it would be a "random" act of violence and they will get some smuck to take the blame.

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@Yuri, will you be going?

@Pysops, no.

@Marion, Sir, I read everyone of your posts back for three years. Honor to have you commenting here.

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Thank youyasukuni for your kind words. And now back to business, FDR tried to give the Ryukyu Islands to Chang Kai Shek and Shek begged off as "had no money to support the Ryukyus and in as much as Japan annexed the islamds as payment for rescuing some Ryukyuan fisherman from the aborigines (cannibals) on Formosa -( you can read all about this, in my new book about a "Angry Marine") Suffice to say that Japan didn't give diddly squat about the Senkaus until China found gas and oil under those islands. Frankly, I am trying to get the Ryukyuan people to secede and start their own State. I love those Ryukyuan people - fact is I married to what is a large family of Okinawans.

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