Israel announces first step toward free trade pact with Japan


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That's nice of Japan so play pretend trade with Isreal....

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I am all for Hummus and Falafels and many Jewish and Palestinians plates, they are delicious.

what do not support or accept is the fact that Israeli products are produced on land that is under Occupation.

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Israel has agreed to open contacts with Japan aimed at reaching a free trade agreement that could lift bilateral trade valued at more than $3.5 billion, the Israeli foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

This aligns with Japan's current needs of gaining technology from Israel to be used for its defense.

Now if only we could end Palestinian Arab occupation of Israel's lands . . .

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Avoid Israel like the plague! Israeli tech is as full of malware and spyware as anything from China. Their surveillance tech may be even more dangerous than that of China. Israel is only interested in themselves and will spy on their best friends if that is what they feel necessary, then belittle you for complaining about it!

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Good idea. Japan should boost exports as much as possible, and free trade is a good way to do it.

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