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Ivanka Trump calls on G20 leaders to prioritize women empowerment


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The special event, opened to the media, was held to add momentum to women's empowerment, seen as essential for achieving sustainable economic growth, according to the Japanese government.

The Japanese government only cares about women if they can boost economic growth. Come to think of it, the Japanese government thinks that way about all of Japan's people.

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Ivanka Trump calls on G20 Governments to prioritize women's empowerment........

"We believe that women's inclusion in the economy is not solely a social justice issue, which of course it is. It's also smart economic and defense policy," …........

However the statement, a sound bite, ignores. irrespective of gender, humanities deeply rooted evolutionary powerful instinctive drive to compete.

The reality isn't Ivanka Trump just another privileged Daddies girls. I want to take that back but in all honesty is my cynicism misplaced

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Righty-o, prioritizing prickish prats like all her male relatives or publicizing the plight of women who they punked? Tough call for her.

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World peace.

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How about the recent rape claim and the multiple sexual attacks by Daddy Donnie?

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Oh, sure...Ivanka wants to empower women, while her father keeps cutting family planning services to countries around the world. How can women be truly empowered, if they are not given the education related to family planning services, and birth control? Ivanka knows nothing about gender and development. She just likes swanning about at high level meetings and feeling important.

Shut up, Ivanka.

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Hey Ivanka - if you want to start empowering women, you may want to start with all those that are employed in the Chinese sweat shop factories that make your shoe line....

Ivanka, who also serves as a senior adviser to the president, stepped down from running her fashion company last January to join her father in the White House. Yet despite saying this, she still has not divested from the brand. The fashion line distributes women's apparel, shoes, handbags, and jewelry that are or were previously produced in countries including China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam. According to HuffPost, one of the company's confirmed Chinese manufacturers, Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan, continues to produce Ivanka Trump shoes without being impacted by the new tariffs, and is also up for a new contract to produce shoes for her father's fashion label.

This whole "empowering women" talk is the same kind of con-job that Trump's "Buy American" campaign is - both Trump and Ivanka still get their clothes and shoe lines made in Chinese sweat shop factories...cheating US workers out of jobs...

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Seems she’s on this part of Asia.

Her so called “women empowerment” was criticized and shut down in America, Europe, Africa, and India.

She doesn’t lead by example and she sells more into the Hollywood and magazine stereotype of a woman than an actual independent and strong woman.

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Last time she came, she raised the same issue, women empowerment, and collected a large money for the cause from Japan.  Did she explain how the money was spent?

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Political influence Trumps all, sorry pun intended.

I could be accused of being disingenuous. Why subject your offspring to a global display of faux politicking?

Ivanka Trump haute couture, close to a reminisce of paris in the belle époque, is so far removed from the political objectives of this G20 summit from a womenomics presective frankly offensive

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She also said research shows that states with higher female participation are less likely to use violence or military force to resolve international conflict.

Did she bother to think this through? The US has a high labour force participation rate for women and just loves the use of violence to create international conflict.

And is she talking about promoting "participation" in the race-to-the-bottom, sweat-shop industry that produced her line of clothing?

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Go away you rich bimbo! You do not represent me! Having had wealth and privilege all of your life gives you no understanding of woman's struggles!

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If she truly cares about women, she should condemn her father for being a sexual predator.

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Why is Abe clapping? This is the same government that just two weeks ago "required" woman to wear heels at work.

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She spout empowering women but keeps telling the media (usually fox news) that her "daddy never touched any of those women, they are all liars."

She talks empowering women but her clothes, purses and shoes are still made by women 8 to 90 years of age in sweat shops all over the world.

She talks empowering women but she uses her office in the WH to get licenses to sell her clothes, purses and shoes in all the countries she travels to as a representative of the WH.

She talks empowering women but she didn't offer maternity to leave to the women in her companies.

She's done the least for empowering women in the US than any other person who has ever worked in the WH.

Jesus I can't wait till her and her brothers are imprisoned for all the crimes they have committed, while daddy Donny John is on a plane to Russia 10 minutes after he's done in office.

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Why, so they can elevate their skirts or pants for her father to grab them by the privates whenever he wants? She can't even say anything negative about her father's remarks towards women, so until then, so has no foot to stand on. Period.

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A daddy's girl that has no experience or qualifications for being in the WH. Only there to please daddy and keep him happy.

Where is Trumps wife hiding?

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Neither Ivanka Trump, nor Jared Kushner, belong in the White House ... period.

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Women's inclusion in the economy is very important. My daddy told me so (even if he likes to grab women by the.......). Poor Ivanka, what an utter embarrassment her father is.

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itsonlyrocknrollJune 29 01:33 pm JSTIvanka Trump calls on G20 Governments to prioritize women's empowerment........

"We believe that women's inclusion in the economy is not solely a social justice issue, which of course it is. It's also smart economic and defense policy," …........

My Sweet Lord will this stupid bimbo shut up? Being a 'Daddy's Girl is NOT "women's empowerment" in any way or fashion. And look how her Daddy/husband is glancing at her.

Man, I just had dinner and I think I'm gonna get sick!

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Her message is on point, but its lost in the nepotism of what she represents of Father that is facing his 22nd credable sexual assult complaint.

If only she spoke out against her father and actually regained credability.

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