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Jaczko's response to Japan crisis criticized by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission


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Here's the other side of the story: these other 4 commissioners are industry shills and conspired to delay and alter the NRC report on lessons to be learned from Fukushima. I wonder what is really going on?


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Coincidental that Jaczko is apparently vocal about protecting public safety and suddenly he doesn't fit corporate values. Sounds like Woodford and Olympus all over again. Sometimes you need someone to stand up and shout out self-evident truths (eg about the evacuation zone around Fukushima( when governments and nuclear industry figures were doing everything to deceive and not protect the public. Sounds like he's the one who'd being bullied here.

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It appears, the political machinery is trying to "paint" their own politically "safe" picture, trying to protect the "image" or "face" of those in power or appear to be in power.

There is a difference between "imagery", "positioning", "stance", "policy", and "actual facts" in anything and everything relating to any government, institution, religion, corporation, and any other organized group, sometimes far detached from the original "purpose" and "intent".

I hope you can "read" enough into the situation, circumstance and environment to get at the truth and then move on to "solving" the problems relating to nuclear power plants. For all we know... this may be a distraction tactic to lead us away from the truth.

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i wish maher had listened to jazco! then proper radiological monitoring would have started earlier.. most depressing that these four have the backing of Republican Rep Darrell Issa.. qoute "Issa says a safe, clean nuclear energy future means a “next generation” of reactors and the ability to reprocess spent nuclear rods. Nuclear experts say no reprocessing technology available today can completely eliminate all radioactive nuclear materials in spent fuel."

March 21, 2011 | By Kitty Felde

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Simply goes to show how the AP is a governmental propaganda yippy dog. Slanting and biasing the news. Jazcko's intolerance is more probably due to frustration at working with corrupt government officials and lazy ass government employees who just want to protect their industry subsidized government jobs and get good job recommendations and promotions from the four government shills.

Simple solution - find out how much the nuclear dogs paid directly or via lobby groups to the four public officials PACs (Political Action Committees - a legal term for bribery slush fund) or their re-election campaigns. If they're on NRC - they should be legally banned from accepting donations etc from the nuke dogs as a conflict of interest - but the gov shills wrote laws exempting themselves from conflict of interest bribes. Welcome to democracy - American style.

At least the gangsters in Japan are legalized, recognizable, and generally pay taxes.

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Jaczko was quite correct in recommending the Americans evacuate 80 kilometres away when the Japanese government then (as now) ridiculously understated the situation. But now he's on his way to Japan's declaration of cold shutdown, I hear? This cold shutdown nonsense would be as if Adm. Yamamoto had declared victory in the war on December 8th, 1941. Surely even Jaczko knows it.

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Republican lawmakers also complained that Jaczko may have acted illegally when he declared in March that Japan’s nuclear crisis constituted an emergency in the United States.

Typical behavior by the Republic Congress. Harry Reid is right. They are out of touch. They just don’t want him to regulate the nuclear industry and engineering because they are more interested in profit-oriented business than the public safety. Three-mile Island, Reagan’s anti-nuclear freezing campaign in the 80s, and nuclear stock-piling politics are the representatives of their excessively pro-nuclear stance.

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Even if the other four ARE corporate shills, you can't survive long in D.C. with a "my way or the highway" attitude. You have to at least PRETEND that you're listeneing to other people's views. Sounds like this guy hasn't learned that yet.

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badmigraine Dec. 11, 2011 - 09:52AM JST

Here's the other side of the story: these other 4 commissioners are industry shills and conspired to delay and alter the NRC report on lessons to be learned from Fukushima. I wonder what is really going on?

I find it hard to believe that all 4 of the other comissioners are all 'industry shills'. There probably is some justification for their claims.

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