Abe among first visitors to Oman to meet new sultan


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Been going on for three days, as of Tuesday, and Abe arrived on the third, not quite among the "first". But have to keep the propaganda machine working for Abe's image!

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In the last few days Abe represented Japan ranked 121 in the gender equality index to places like Saudi Arabia and Oman both ranked in the 140s and to Yemen ranked dead last at 153 to discuss Iran ranked 148.......the only thing that comes to mind is 'birds of a feather.'

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Abe sure loves masking his vacations as state visits. And of course the media covers with smoke screen. For once I'd like to see a media company here call it for what it is, shirking criticism and responsibilioty by running away over seas. Abe is there to hide from the casino scandal, nothing more.

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Just like the sands of hour glass, so are the days of Middle East rulers lives

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Just like the sands of hour glass, so are the days of Middle East rulers...

and the military muscle that stands behind them.

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The security bill has to be over $100 million.

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You may be on to something.

i remember that his Middle East trip was cancelled last week and then suddenly when the casino scandal surfaced it was back on again.

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Good Job PM Abe. He was able to get Oman support for the MSDF and he was bale to get and he was the first to meet the new Sultan. Overall a Good job. Well done!!

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Another PR stunt for Abe.

"Look they are all my friends" ....... LOL.

Casino scandal, Aso-scandal and so on.

S he must do something to (at least) look good.

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Abe, like Trump, could cure cancer, and people still would have nothing good to say about him.

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That translator in the first picture looks mighty uncomfortable!!!

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Should have also said that it looks like the photo was taken at a Saddam Hussein lookalike contest (hint: look at the back row).

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--- Saddam Hussein lookalike contest

I dunno. That guy on the right kinda reminds me of Peter Sellers.

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