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Abe offers $1 billion in rural aid to Myanmar's Suu Kyi


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Damn. Shinzo Abe, sends another message. We'll support rural income to the tune $1 billion to a Government where the corruption index has doubled in the last 10 yrs, over applying pressure to address ethnic the cleansing.

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THanks for giving away more of our aid, Abe! Can't wait until you get home to Japan so you can talk about how there's no money left and taxes have to be raised.

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Wouldn't that $1 billion be better spent at home to rationalize Japan's agricultural sector so that after TPP is adopted Japan's food self-sufficiency doesn't drop to 5%?

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@Wallace Fred - Wouldn't this amount be better off revitalizing Tohoku?

Nah...to the Government's delight, most people have already forgotten about all that.

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Wouldn't this amount be better off revitalizing Tohoku?

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Going to have to raise taxes with this kind of spending.

Yeah. It's happening next year. Right on cue.

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China and the United States also compete for influence in Myanmar.

But USA and especially China can afford to do so.

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He's on buddy-buddy terms with Trump. Didn't he give financial aid to Duterte and now to Suu Kyi??

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Yes, the Abe should not be making loans to countries, but loans to Japanese companies to go do work in those countries. The Japanese companies will also pay taxes. There are lots of stories about billions of US tax dollars disappearing in the Middle East, which was supposed to help rebuild.

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More tax payer money gone, with I'm guessing no transparent oversight or any accountability. Going to have to raise taxes with this kind of spending.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Using Japan tax money for ethnic cleansing. What a disappointing and shameful move.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

China and the United States also compete for influence in Myanmar.

Loans to the country that have to be used hiring Japanese companies to build things. When they can't pay it back they take over the country or the resources.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

I guess much of this will flow to Japanese companies but what terrible timing with the atrocities going on there.

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Get those printing presses going...... Japan can continue to print and print and print.... the Yen still stays strong. I've said it before... Japan should print, buy gold, print, buy gold and do some more, why not. After all the printing.... Japan will be siting on a mountain of real gold!

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Any chance we ever see these loans repaid? I know a lot of people don't like the Japanese way of tying loans to contracts for their own companies overseas, but I have no problem with it. China is doing the same all over Africa, so why not Japan. I always thought it strange to give these huge loans or aid, and then step back and let the country pick and choose who to hire to build the infrastructure that is badly needed.

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Abe is doing the same way Japan. operated with successful result. It never copied American failure in middle east

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Aung San reeks of corruption! Instead of risking billions of US dollars in Maynmar, use it instead to pay down Japan's balloning debt at 280% of GDP! It's a waste of money!!

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This is how Japan intends to secure a cheap workforce for the future of a dwindling population. Meanwhile, the current leader of Miyanma is not much better than Pol Pot. Possibly you saw in the news that, Sir Bob Geldoff gave back his humanitarian award in protest of what Aung San Suu Kyi is doing in Miyanma.

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Loan my a++.  also typical lack of any sensitivity - at a time when rest of world is horrified at the Rohingya issue, Abe offers money to the Burmese.

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Aung San Su Kyi may be brainwashed by the West, but Myanmar (Burma) knows the true history.  Hang on in there, Myanmar people.

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I need money too. I'm going to knock on Abe's door.

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Disillusioned. Bob Geldof will do whatever his Arab candy man friends and donors of his charity foundation say.

Let me ask you Mister Disillusioned.

What will you do if you were in Daw Aung San Su Kyi the leader of country when the Middle-East hard line Islamic religion group back, Al Qaida and Taliban link Islamic terrorist group the ARSA slaughtering her peoples Buddhist, Hindus and Muslim as well as Christian in her country?

Will you let the Islamic terrorists to kill your innocent peoples or send your Military to fight against the Islamic terrorist group?

What do you know about the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA? Here, read it if you don't know about the ARSA yet. There's no extra like CNN and BBC.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), led by Attaullah Abu Ammar Jununi – who was born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arab. He was not Bengali so called Rohingya. He was doing for his religion believe and looking for fame like his idol Osama Bin Ladin of late Al Qaida leader. He and his ARSA members were trained by the Taliban and Al Qaida as well as Pakistani Intelligence in Pakistan border with Afghanistan. The ARSA organization was proxy of Taliban and Al Qaida terrorist organization.

The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation or countries) and Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein UN High Commissioner for Human Rights are using UN, OHCHR and UNHCR as their weapons for campaign against Burmese Government and Daw Aung San Su Kyi.

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein has been after Burmese Government and Daw Aung San Su Kyi from day one he was elected as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Obviously, he took over UN OHCHR for behalf of the OIC and using UN OHCHR for to create future independent Islamic State in Rakhine State, Burma.

Their plan is very dangerous and they want to see Burma as like a Syria. So the Muslims can create Independent Islamic State government by Islamic terrorist group.

If you can not stop the Middle East hard line Islamic religion organization and the OIC back, the Al Qaida and Taliban link the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA invasion into Rakhine State and then Burma will become another Syria.

The ARSA was burning down all villages regardless of Buddhist or Hindus or Muslims and blamed on the Burmese security force and the Buddhist villagers.

The ARSA and Islamic organization inside Bangladesh are urging Bengali Muslims to flee their village and go to Bangladesh border by mobile phone. The UN and NGOs are helping them with foods and tent for refugees. The international journalists are hunting story inside refugee camp and reporting their faked story and they take old picture of injury mark was turned to new injury in photo news.

People’s emotion run high by faked stories and photos. If you have basic intelligent and then you can know by careful reading and checking story and picture whether the video, the story, the picture and the news are true or fault.

Daw Aung San Su Kyi was elected to lead by her peoples for to protect them and not for selling them off for International Awards. She has never doing something for to give her these awards from any organizations and Governments. She was doing everything for her peoples and her country. Also she does not have Burmese first policy. She will do whatever she thinks it was right for her peoples and her country. All the peoples and all races including Bengali Muslims are same under her Government even thought the Bengali so called Rohingya peoples are illegal immigrant from Bangladesh.

Bob Geldof owes her apology for calling name.

The Japanese Government loans will be useful for to rebuild the country and the money won’t be wasted under Daw Aung San Su Kyi lead Government.

The British Government which colonized Burma about hundred years and took all Oil, Ruby and precious Gem stones, Teak and high value hardwoods and rare earths from Burma but the British Government gives only very small amount to its former Colony since British give independence to Burma. Thank you Japanese peoples and Government.

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