Abe says auto tariffs will cost U.S. jobs, harm economy

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Up to 624,000 people could lose their jobs in the U.S. if a 25 percent tariff was levied on automobiles and auto parts and other countries retaliated.

This is the ONE thing that could possibly stop Trump's asinine policies. If people in the US are suddenly walking out the doors of their jobs from the effects of the tariffs, Trump will have to listen.

Only problem is that currently in the US there are more jobs available than people to fill them, if reports from NPR radio can be trusted, record low unemployment is keeping the outlook good.

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Project Fear does not work anymore.

Tariffs might hurt Japans economy, but I think that they might actually benefit the global economy.

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Abe is not really worried about the US economy. He’s only worried about how the tariffs will effect the Japanese economy. I might not agree with Trump’s decisions, but I do admire his attempt to protect the US economy. Australia did a similar thing in the 80’s in order to support more locally produced products. It worked very well although, the policies were turned around by succeeding governments which has reduced the Australian manufacturing workforce to the lowest in the G7 countries. This is the problem with Trump’s policy. In the long run I believe it is a good choice, but I’m sure it will be reversed by the next leader.

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What a cheek! Abe presides over some of the most outrageous tarrifs of any country! 700% on imported rice! Well done to President Trump for taking a stand.

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Who cares what he thinks. In my 20 years of living here this anime loving, sweets eating Prime minister has almost shipwrecked Japan.

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Abe's just saying what others with more influence have already said. Trump already OWNS Abe, so he'll never listen.

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Auto tariffs cost jobs of U.S. partially but damage Japan far more extensively.

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The US imports more autos from Canada and Mexico than from Japan or anywhere else, so this has huge implications for NAFTA. NAFTA is not cast in stone and can be changed, but it's not going to happen overnight, that's for sure.

Trump has ordered the U.S. government to investigate if higher tariffs on foreign-made vehicles and auto parts are justified on national security grounds.

If the US is going down this route, I would like it to be for economic reasons or simple principals, if anyone in politics remembers them. National security is just nonsense.

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Let's get a few strings straight. He didn't 'warn' the US; he stated the obvious, couched in buddy-boy language so he'd look good on the international stage. It's all an act, politics. Full of egos and pathos caused by that affliction.

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You could justify tariffs on China and Russia but while Trump plays kissy kissy with a dictator he's going to give problems to allies. A bull in a china shop. Just love to wreck things. I don't think there's a coherent strategy. Trump thinks with his thumbs.

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Japan’s Auto Market is Closed. Even though Japan is the third largest auto market in the world, its auto market import penetration rarely breaks 6% - the lowest among all OECD members. The unfair non-tariff barriers have varied over the years, but their purpose remains the same - to block imports. The barriers have included a discriminatory system of taxes, onerous and costly vehicle certifications procedures for imported vehicles, a complex and changing set of safety, noise and pollution standards, an unwillingness by Japanese dealerships to carry foreign automobiles, zoning laws that make it difficult to set up dealerships and the lack of enforcement to prevent anti-competitive practices. The list goes on and on and the experience which has been repeated for decades is this: as soon as you fight to eliminate one non-tariff barrier, another one pops up to take its place.

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Japan’s Auto Industry Depends on Protection in Home Market as Export Platform.  Japan’s auto sector is overproducing for its domestic market, producing some 11 million automobiles despite having only a 5 million automobile domestic market. Japanese auto producers use this protected home market to sell their products in Japan at high prices and use the proceeds of those home-market sales to subsidize their sales prices in the U.S. market.

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Nothing like a photo of a "leader" taken through an auto que to inspire the masses. His opinion on anything global or domestic should be judged on the last five years and that short stint before. The lack of any improvement in lifestyle, except those same people who are top tear says it all.

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Abe said he will keep explaining that to Trump.

Good luck with that

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The Japanese car market is "closed" because American Companies do not sell vehicles that Japanese want to buy! They are all too large, use too much petrol, where will I park it and who will repair it? The last reason is the poor quality of US built vehicles. Before 5 years most of them are junked.

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Some Japanese consider owning an America car or another foreign car- a status symbol.

Those that live in Japan and have never owned an American car do not know of the good quality of American cars- therefore have no justification for judging.

I have owned Cadillac and Corvette cars in Japan for many years and have found them excellent. Although I have never owned a German car, I think I could say the same for German cars.

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The Japanese car market is "closed" because American Companies do not sell vehicles that Japanese want to buy! They are all too large, use too much petrol, where will I park it and who will repair it? The last reason is the poor quality of US built vehicles. Before 5 years most of them are junked.

mmmm That was the 70's We are way beyond that now.

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Japanese tariffs on produce, metal, cars and alcohol do not cost Japanese jobs?

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Project Fear - I fail to see how a 25 percent levy on cars made outside the USA affects cars made in the USA by Japanese companies

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Higher tariffs on auto imports would backfire and harm the world economy, Abe said he will keep explaining that to Trump. So, how many times he has met to Trump, played golf together and he still has to explain? Trump has bad ears or he didn't explain well the important part...Well, I think he needs that portfolio screen on that picture above to read the essential parts he could memorize. I don't know what is a good luck all his visits and meeting with Trump is still the same, like some other international matters he can't adjust at best timing. So many waste travels.

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He’s a Japanese PM, why does he care about US people losing jobs? Chinese PM did the same thing a few weeks ago. Such compassion!

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Trump has explained well- A one on one bilateral trade agreement that is fair to both countries. Japan has bilateral trade agreements with other countries, but refuses to do so with the US. Why is this?

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