Aso, Chinese officials endorse global trade system


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If China and Japan (number 2 and 3) actually put their hands together they would not need Trump and the US.

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Aso is a sell out for Chinese giving money under the table to him

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This is really a balancing act in view of following geopolitical relationship.

For China, Japan is not important as China has the biggest market on its own. But China needs Japan to counter trade war with the US.

For Japan, China is extremely important as Japan gets revenue from trade and investment. China is the biggest partner in these fields.

For China, Japan is nothing but a obstacle under the umbrella of the US.

For Japan, China is a great threat: for the first time in its long history, China tries to transform itself from landpower to seapower.

China wants to, directly or indirectly, control Japan. Whether China uses honey or gall, the purpose is to influence Japan.

Japan wants to keep independent. Being under the auspices of the US, which is still a great power but not yet a superpower as it used to be, Japan needs to beef up diplomatic ties with China to contain Chinese influence, while not making China angry and at the same time not making the US angry.

This is the conundrum so hard to solve.

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Saw the clip of them meeting for the cameras. Aso was wearing his best gangster hat right up to the moment before they shook hands. Something tells me these blokes will get along just fine.

Gotta hand it to him though, he’s ostentatious!

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God help us all (and Im talking humanity) if the Chinese model becomes the dominant one.

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What the heck is wrong with his mouth in the last photo? It gets worse as he ages.

God help us all (and Im talking humanity) if the Chinese model becomes the dominant one.

Exactly. Their model was so bad, the country only ended up (as of 2018) as the world's second economy.

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Hilarious! Ok yes I rest my case.

Why don’t you go and move to that free nation that respects its own citizens. And if you wanna talk money, thats nice that 1.7 bill people managed to finally become No 2.

Have u looked at the average income there?

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