Japan's Communist Party raps China in 1st platform change since 2004


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The differnesce between left and green

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Interesting to see things from this point of view, but the Chinese Communist Party will not enjoy the voice of 'truth'.

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Interesting to see a communist party criticize another for not being "communist enough".

Although i strongly believe authoritarianism is the end product of all communist governments in power, no matter how well intentioned they were at the beginning.

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Well, I guess Japan's communists are getting a glimpse of what real Communism is. I'm glad they are finally seeing Communism for what it really is, but I'm not sure it will do any good.

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The big difference between communism and capitalism is that in capitalism the wealth is held by a few very rich people. But, hang on a minute, isn't that the same with communism?

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The JCP is an entity of its own. The policies they expouse are the most beneficial to society as a whole than any other party. They just need to drop the communist monicom. its tainted beyond any rebranding. Even calling themselves "The Party" would be an improvement and gain more votes then a name that conjures images of mass graves, economic retardation. Loss of freedom. Death to sparrows and fat old men being entertained by young girls...oh that's the LDP.

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Cricky! Perfect! Great post!

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No matter the govt or the economy, if there is a division of labour, no matter how small, there shall be those with more power, amd those with less. The question is, how should it be structured? Democratic govts and capitalist govts (with a social welfare system) have been the best societies have come up with since the first time people have gathered together and were no longer equals due to division of labour, and growth of society from roaming families to town and city dwellers.

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Democratic govts and Capitalist economies, not capitalist govts...please add edit button.

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The Japanese Communist Party...

Wow just go extinct already.

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Just say NO to communism and YES to democracy.

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Love to say yes to democracy, but with the LDP having been in power longer than the PRC regiem, sad to say democracy not something Japan has embrassed more hold hands with. When the parents arnt looking.

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agree with some of the things they say, but as long as they keep using the name “communist” in JCP they deserve to be kept in the dark like always. well, they,re communists anyway. as someone would say - democracy is not perfect but it is the best we can come up with, in other words, the best possible option.

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Stalin hated it when it was pointed out that the USSR of the time did not have communism, but Stalinism. Likewise, China today does not have communism, but a Xi-led dictatorship.

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