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Japan's defense minister slams nuclear neighbors who 'ignore rules'


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Japan is surrounded by actors that possess, or are developing, nuclear weapons, and that openly ignore rules,"

Russia has been able to make its own rules , just like super-powers before it. Under Russia’s soils are resources most nations need to maintain their economies and by having such great control over these resources Russia exerts enormous power and can destroy many nation's economies, and Russia under Putin has shown it’s willing to do that. Russian leaders have also threatened to use nukes if it has trouble getting what it wants.Russia has already shown it will unleash its military forces to take what it wants. Russia is following the ages old rule of empires, which is take what it wants wherever and however it wants, and make its own rules. So far China has sided with Russia in Russia's assault on Ukraine, whether China will become Russia-like and try to acquire even more territory militarily remains to be seen. These days nations that want to maintain their sovereignty and not be a vassal state must be prepared to protect their own borders; they should also find ways to reduce their reliance on predatory states like Russia that have resources, or perhaps control over supply chains like China, that can be used to gain even more power.

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The white house recognizes Beijing's one China initiative.

Japan should stop pushing the Taiwan issue.

Just an exuse to get back into the war game.

-27 ( +10 / -37 )

FM Kishi is absolutely correct:

Russia: "The UN’s international court of justice (ICJ) in The Hague has ordered Russia to halt its invasion of Ukraine, saying the court had not seen any evidence to support the Kremlin’s justification for the war, that Ukraine was committing genocide against Russian-speakers in the east of the country." The ICJ has ruled Russia's invasion illegal." Russia couldn't care less.


China: "China has said it will not accept a ruling against it in a key international legal case over strategic reefs and atolls that Beijing claims would give it control over disputed waters of the South China Sea." China couldn't care less.


North Korea: North Korea has conducted ballistic missile testing in clear violation of international law, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a scathing statement released Tuesday." North Korea couldn't care less.


11 ( +25 / -14 )

China says its recent military drills around Taiwan, which it considers as part of its territory, are meant to defend its sovereignty.

Please tell us, who other than China itself threatens to invade Taiwan? Anyone threatening to invade China either? No, nobody is.

China is threatening peace with it's actions, nobody else is. China is the trouble maker in the region and beyond. Russia the trouble maker in Europe.

With the way the world is heading, with rouge nations planning on building slave empires, it may be time for modern nations to all develop nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them anywhere in the world. Nuclear armed nations do not ever get invaded. Doing so would open the attacker to nuclear devastation. No nation wants that whether they can retaliate or not. It may be the only way to save nations from invasion like Ukraine and potentially Taiwan. These nations all add to the world in food and technology which when stopped via war effects many nations detrimentally as we are seeing with Ukraine. The world is now a much smaller place where invading nations that trade heavily with the world can not be threatened without dire consequences.

Either stop plans for expansion and empire or we all, including the perpetrators, will pay a price so high it makes the other two world wars look like the opening act to the main event.

12 ( +20 / -8 )

Cheesy fearmongering from the Nippon Kaigi cheap seats.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls a "special military operation," has alarmed Tokyo, because it could establish military force as a way to settle international disputes

So all those times the US invaded countries and murdered millions in order to steal their natural resources Tokyo wasn't "alarmed."

The three-day Shangri-La Dialogue, which attracts top-level military officials, diplomats and weapons makers from around the globe, began on Friday.

Okay, it's the Anglo-American merchants of death in the military-industrial complex forcing the rhetoric to boost sales. Imagine that!

-11 ( +14 / -25 )

It’s pretty obvious, USA will run away, China will own Okinawa and Russia will own Hokkaido. On the positive side, we will have cheap gas and oil, caviar and vodka, and every zoo in Japan will have cute panda bears. Rare metals and semiconductors to boot. Go to war big pants Kishida.

-25 ( +4 / -29 )


What do you mean, "rules?"

“There are no rules in love or war.”

And some people are almost permanently at war.

Very useful things, wars. They keep the populace at fear where they can be easily managed, get presidents elected and make money for their friends and relatives.


-10 ( +7 / -17 )

Who made those rules???. Open your eyes.

-15 ( +7 / -22 )

If increasing defense spending only means buying more unnecessary US-made weapons, it won’t do much to help Japan improve its military capabilities. By the way, I stayed in Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore once. It was a good hotel.

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

The last person I want to listen to is YET another member of the Abe family.

-9 ( +10 / -19 )

The rest of the world must now issue West Taiwan with an ultimatum. Either stop supporting the crazy fascist dictator in North Korea, or East Taiwan will be given nuclear weapons. Maybe then, the rest of us adults can move forward in our lives without being worried by the basket case North Koreans and Great Borg of China

3 ( +8 / -5 )

Taiwan is Tawan, China is China. Japan should recognize Taiwan and form a military alliance with it and several other like-minded countries.

5 ( +12 / -7 )

The rest of the world must now issue West Taiwan with an ultimatum. Either stop supporting the crazy fascist dictator in North Korea, or East Taiwan will be given nuclear weapons.

So now there's animosity between Taichung and Hualien, is there?

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Japan maybe should shut up,with it flexless leaders

-10 ( +5 / -15 )

"These neighbors and their lack of ethics and their rule-breaking! Why, if they had done this when we had the IJA and had colonized them...!"

-4 ( +7 / -11 )

China and Russia open their first bridge linking the two countries

-8 ( +0 / -8 )

Nobody in America thinks that Taiwan is part of the mainland. The current '1-China' compromises was put in place to appease China.

Nobody wants a war, but China has been making outlandish sea and land claims, refusing to accept international rulings, fighting over boarders with India, so there is little reason to believe they will hear reason before people are killed. This is unfortunate. Old men have disagreements and send young men to die.

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Maneuvers by China and Russia have sharpened security concerns in East Asia

And the US maneuvers disguised as democracy to maintain their hegemony in the region??..

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

LOL Kishi talking about "rules"...ok.

How about the rule that you get to be a minister in the ruling party because your grandfather formed the party with money from the CIA, not because you earned it with your own sweat and effort...

How about the rule that all you do as an LDP politician is stump for and support US policies and US aims in the region...

How about the rule that you never consider any approach or idea that might result in LESSENING the tension in the region, rather than only sticking to initiatives which consistently ratchet up conflict...

If you agree with Kishi and the CIA-financed LDP, you agree with bringing everyone closer to an armed conflict on our doorstep, the same type of ham-fisted logic and myopic thinking which has made the US a complete mess. Yea it's obvious a lot of the posters here are pro-military types, it's more credible to be downvoted RATHER than upvoted, 1000 PERCENT.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

Thefu,most Americans could not find Taiwan on a map

-1 ( +0 / -1 )


Japan engaging others to honour international treaties?!

The audacity!

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

The Chinese and North Koreans are proud of this discussion and want to thank all their defenders here.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Japan will play Singapore and China for its best advantage. Bottomline though, Singapore is majority Chinese and most Singaporeans speak Chinese.

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