Japan's junior coalition partner signals tax hike to fund defense spending

By Takaya Yamaguchi

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Cut out the Middle-men (scalpers / bribery artists)

introduce "Compliance" driven oversight in Government finances that can be openly accessed by the Public.

Tackle the influence of overseas bodies upon local decision making

Come down hard on Corporate corruption

Update Government Technology governance

Get rid of Fax machines

The list could go on pretty much forever...

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cutting other spending could be among options

There you go!

Komeito has a chance to finally redeem themselves.

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Great! So, more taxes to fund the military while social services, food, and everything else continue to go up, and while rages remain stagnant and no new immigration is happening or children being born. Hmmmm... looks, ummm...

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This not defense. This is an excuse for the LDP to make more money for the military-industrial complex at our expense. More military spending not going to make us safer.

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Can’t afford it don’t buy it, pretty simple. But the LDP you know spend, spend.

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Japan's public debt, at twice the size of its economy, is the largest among advanced economies and continues to grow mainly due to increasing social welfare costs for country's rapidly aging population.

That is one factor although this cohort paid in vast sums into these social welfare programs during the gogo Bubble era.

Maybe decades of wasteful LDP crony construction spending with bridges to nowhere, pandemic Olympics and memorials for a fallen kleptocrat also may have had something to do with the debt?

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flagging the chance of a future tax hike.

which will sink the economy.

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