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Kishida calls for constructive relations in talks with China's Li


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Japan is still begging for China's attention. The story is as old as time.

Japan screwed up greatly by siding with the West against China/Russia completely. Kishida makes himself a joke for calling any attention from China. His idiotic predecessor, Shinzo Abe, has at least guaranteed a good meeting with China/Russia in the past.

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One way of honest constructive relations would be for Japan advocating for the 47 Hong Kong activists jailed under the national security law and Uyghurs.

Constructive doesn't mean appeasing.

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Japan will work with any peaceful nation, and will cooperate when it makes sense and is in Japans interest, like any sensible nation. It will not be ordered about and demeaned by China or anyone. That is as it should be.

Japan would be very happy if China wanted to pursue prosperity in harmony with the world, but China lacks sincerity and looks forward to its empire building through subduing and expanding its territory to include Taiwan, against the wishes of the Taiwanese people.

Apart from trade there do not seem to be many areas of agreement they can build upon.

China could be a valuable contributor for the world and its future but is much more interested in a manhood contest to see who can urinate the furthest, it or the US. China wants the world to follow its wishes rather than America's. China wants to be the top nation in the world. But unlike the US that builds alliances and cooperation based on shared needs and goals, China wants unquestioned obedience and control simply because of its size.

The US better understands people, governments and working together and unless China can change its ways it will always be behind the nation that works best with others. The US is nowhere near perfect, but in comparison to China it is worlds ahead.

Japan screwed up greatly by siding with the West against China/Russia completely.

No, it is China and Russia who have screwed up by deciding the laws and systems that helped China grow and develop so much should be scrapped for Chinese and Russian rules that stifle their own peoples freedoms and innovation.

Japan has chosen the right side. Russia has dug a hole for itself and looks like it will be a pariah terrorist state for quite some time into the future.

The rules in use have been the result of the work of many nations including China and Russia from decades past. Rather than work with the world they wish to alter the rules so they can dominate others with them, as they control their own populations.

They had the option of continuing to cooperate and prosper but have chosen the path of confrontation and belligerence instead.

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Conduct military drills with the US and then hope for constructive relations LOL

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"...but is much more interested in a manhood contest to see who can urinate the furthest..."

An excellent observation! Spot on!

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Was the meeting worthwhile? Premier Li is retiring, with most of his policyline denied by President-guru Xi Jinping and his favored associates in the Politburo.

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Japan has tough choices to make and very soon or it’s dust.

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So we are practicing illegal war games with USA right now on tactics to attack the sovereign nation of China, and at the same time building a strong and constructive relationship?

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There is only one line here of interest:

He also called for cooperation among the countries in achieving a complete dismantling of North Korea's ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction.

Right, a complete dismantling of all weapons of mass destruction not under direct control by US. A slip of tongue revealing the true goal: total hegemony!

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So, they're holding talks "hoping the two countries could strive towards building a constructive and stable relationship..... and the importance of China - Japan relations", and then there's a photo of the two leaders with their backs to each other, setting off in opposite directions.

All talk, really.....

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Japan screwed up greatly by siding with the West against China/Russia completely.

Yeah, decades after the Plaza Accord which was basically USA's way of telling Japan not to get too uppity, and sunk their economy because it dared do what China is doing now - grow economically to rival USA.

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weapons of mass destruction.

Last time I heard that word, it turned out to be lies in an attempt to illegally invade a country as part of its quest of world hegemony.

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Japan already supports Taiwan and made it very clear. A Taiwan emergency is a Japanese emergency.

South Korea will not make such promises for Taiwan. Not a Korea issue.

Japan is part of Quad Alliance to balance China. South Korea is not part of that Alliance.

South Korea made the 3 famous promises to Beijing to play nice. No more THADD, No alliance with Japan.

Japan is the most reliable country to counter China, especially in East Asia.

Half of S.Korea will sell you dry or break agreements the first opportunity they have!

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Well if you could take history out of the equation maybe things would be easier to manage and agreement would be more forthcoming/consistent...however the reality is you cannot subtract the fact that Japan occupied Korea for forty years, nor can you make the incidents which occurred at Nanking suddenly disappear from the collective memory of Chinese people.

Simply blaming and speaking ill of other countries probably won't help, either.

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The key element is trust.

The Government of China is not remotely trustworthy.

The Japanese government for all its noble intentions is trying to flog a death horse.

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