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Japan's lower house has fewer women despite empowerment law


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Japan's lower house has fewer women despite empowerment law

Government will make pledges again after this.

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No impressive candidates is another big problem which no one seems to talk about.

If a man is better at the job, then the Man should get the Job! Just having a bunch of unqualified women for the sake of pictures is also absurd and ridiculous!

While the election was the first lower house poll since Japan enacted the law in 2018, urging political parties to make efforts to field an equal number of male and female candidates, women accounted for 9.7 percent of the lower chamber members, falling 0.4 percentage point from 10.1 percent marked in the previous election.

9.7 percent is NOT 0.00

Equal amount in politics is a Stupid Idea.

More men want to enter politics compare to women. Fact

Politics and running the Government is a very demanding Job. A lot of responsibilities and pressure to do everything right. Many women don't want that responsibility, don't want to age 30 years sooner with white hair, many times no husband or kids.

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Just to think that we tried to float the idea of having a female prime minister not too long ago!

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The law means nothing if there are no female candidates who want to run and if they don't have policies worth voting for. Women would have a higher chance if everyone on the ballot is new. Incumbents are much harder to win against if their constituents are satisfied.

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Wot a laugh. So many people convinced that the lack of intelligent, experienced, driven female candidates with an impeccable moral code is the problem. Politics is all about nepotism, and suddenly you want all these new-fangled ideas about quality of candidates?

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Asked my wife to run. She is smart as a whip, and smart enough to say no way honey pie!

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JIP won with their constituents because they have a proven track record of getting things done. Tangible results do carry weight. That's also why LDP don't have to do anything to win because they've been in power for the better part of 50 years.

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Interesting perspective if I must say so myself.

RecklessToday  09:22 am JST

Leftover effect from Showa Era. Women are mothers or tea ladies, or moderators.

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Don’t worry, they are pulling in the background the threads of all those puppets at a 100% rate, if not more. lol

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Japan's lower house has fewer women despite empowerment law

which shocks no one..........

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