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Japan, Philippines to negotiate defense pact and boost ties amid China's aggression


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Makes sense.

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China is creating a Panic and it's working. I doubt if China will ever start a war, but it is creating conditions that causes Panic & Anxiety so it can stay a head.

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The only way that anyone would believe that China would not start a war is if China denounces the right to use force to take Taiwan.

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Well done, Phillippines. The threat to the Philippines once China takes over Taiwan will be more real than it is now. Small nations of Southeast Asia should unite on this threat from China which is more prominent as time goes by. The benefits from the Southeast Asian Sea that the people of these nations have enjoyed for centuries are now diminishing since China has been coercing and bullying these nations in order to take the sea for its own selfish benefits. The collaboration in defense and intelligence sharing is a must for early warning of any preparation of attacks from China. It is a relief that the Phillippines begin to realize that there is no confidence or belief in the CCP's so-called goodwill like the former President Duterti had with China. Everyone should adopt the saying that goes: "Do not listen to what the communists say. Look carefully at what the communists do" the former South Vietnamese President Thieu had said. The Phillippines and other Southeast Asian nations have already seen that when the CCP's president Xi Jinping said China won't militarise their man-made islands which China has stolen from the Phillippines and Vietnam. Remember this saying when dealing with the CCP, always.

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Good move. The greater coordination and readiness we have among members of the free world, the better we can nullify dangerous, authoritarian threats like China.

Xi's aggressive actions will never get him what he wants - they will simply unite the free world in an even stronger way. Had China continued along Deng's path of opening up, and biding its time, it may have been able to build an unassailable lead. But no - Xi wanted everything, right now, and he has spectacularly blown China's chances of success. Now, his economy is a mess, investors and wealthy Chinese are leaving, his country is despised and untrusted by a large portion of the world, and the future is very bleak indeed.

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elephant200Today 02:00 pm JST

The thieves were very scared and hugging tighter!

Yes, China and Russia are indeed hugging tighter these days.

At least until China displaces Russia in Central Asia, and steals Russian territory in Siberia: then there'll be a big falling-out.

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