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Japan's ruling party to promote debate on bill for LGBT people


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I think most of Japan are fine with the L,G and B but the T is problematic as forcing people to accept something that they know not to be real is just wrong. A man does not become a female just because he wants to be one.

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L, G, B, no problem. T? No.

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"a bill that would promote understanding of sexual minorities"

We aren't even talking about civil unions there, folks. They are debating whether to promote the understanding. What is there to debate? They are people. They should have equal rights.

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Arai, an elite bureaucrat, said during an off-the-record conversation with reporters one day before he was replaced that he would "not want to live next door" to an LGBT couple and that he does "not even want to look at them."

What an oxymoron here. If he was such an "elite" bureaucrat he would have known better than to make a statement like this here. He is just another political hack hanging on the coat tails of the PM. Well used to hang on!

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a bill that would promote understanding of sexual minorities

Bull! This is just a face-saving gesture, prior to the G-7, as something these politicians can point to, as "proof" of Japanese progress on this issue. The bill is useless, unless it includes recognizing AND legalizing same sex marriages!

After the G-7, it will be brushed aside for more "pressing matters" and forgotten.

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All I can say is, the younger generation (i.e., my kids) are about a thousand times more enlightened than I was at their age. I cringe at the things we said to each other as teenagers.

There is much to be hopeful for on LGBT rights and respect.

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"Japan does not recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions. It is the only country in the G7 that does not legally recognize same-sex unions in any form. Several municipalities and prefectures issue symbolic same-sex partnership certificates, which provide some benefits but do not offer any legal recognition."

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Asai’s comments have had the LDP in a bit of a panic. Maybe a few more outbursts from types like him will be useful.

Sitting at the G7 with a flip phone may be a bit embarrassing too.

Time running out on unequal treatment of citizens on this issue. This is a when rather than an if.

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Advocates have publicly said that what the LDP are proposing is nothing more than window dressing with no substantial meaning for the community. As others have already pointed out, Kishida and the LDP have only one objective in mind, the G7.

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You see from comments about a community that is only thinks about their own self interests. First this community only represent Gays and Lesbians about their concern. But not being inclusive of others it took decades for this community to recognise other sexual genders, that not inclusive. Even the tittle of the article has it wrong which is bias but I bet the person who wrote this is not bias.

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The "T" community have the right to dress and use whichever pronouns they like. They should be free from harassment and abuse. But the rest of the population also have the right to "reality". Sure you can dress how you like and call yourself whatever but you do not have the right to enter the WOMEN'S changing rooms because that is a place for WOMEN. Not men who want to be women.

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On a serious note requiring consideration, the transgender issue is a more complex one. Particularly with regards to sports and use of areas such as changing rooms and toilets.

We can safely discard people regurgitating trash from rightwing podcasts on this issue or anyone calling people who even want to discuss it bigots.

As for same-sex marriage, get it done. Then focus on other much more difficult issues to solve.

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LGB's have always been existing in Japan most especially during the samurai period. FACT!

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LGB's have always been existing in Japan most especially during the samurai period. FACT!

They have always existed anywhere and everywhere. FACT!

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what does further understanding even mean? what a useless gesture. get on with the actual changes!

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Homophobia and transphobia are no longer acceptable in society. Japan is the only G7 country without same-sex marriages or civil unions.

All citizens should enjoy the same rights and protections afforded by law.

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Kubiki had from day one used transexual so Transexual have been apart of Japanese society for eons. These transexual were very sort after by the Buddhist Priest because have intercouse with female was forbidden but with males was not forbidden. Fact the Kubiki actors were better paid for the service by the Buddhist priests than for their work with the Kubiki troupe. History Fact. But the LDP think Japanese history started with the Megei dynasty

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The framing this as an issue about equality is a bit of a smokescreen.

Most are fine with same sex marriage.

The problem is that isn't the real agenda or where it will stop, we know this because we can see what is going on in western countries.

Once same sex marriage was done, they quickly move to more demands not "equality" but special privileges.

I as a man cannot walk into the women's/girl's changing room and I certainly cannot get undressed with them.

But if in the west I "identify" as a woman, now I can do just that go in and be naked with a bunch of naked females!

Is that "equality" or is that special status for a person with the same male genitalia as I have.

Your wife isn't breastfeeding she is chest feeding not breast milk it is now chest milk, etc...

The only group were the LGB that made sense give marriage equality but ignore the rest.

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Today 11:23 am JST

Yes but they were clear they did not expect or think they are actually women.

They did not expect to enter women only spaces, etc..

Today these people say despite male genitalia they can just go into where your daughter, sister or wife are enjoying a public bath or onsen and join in.

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Transexuals are both males and females, not just males. Homosexuality and transsexuality are legal and allowed.

But the topic of the post isn't just about transexuals it is about the LGBT community as a whole.

I-in-10 Japanese identify as LGBT. That is a large group of people.

"Transgender people in Japan are forced to undergo a barrage of invasive surgeries – including sterilization – to be legally recognized according to their gender identity. But many Japanese people are completely unaware these damaging practices are happening. Human Rights Watch Japan director, Kanae Doi, speaks to Philippa Stewart about a new report she hopes will shed light on the stories of transgender people in Japan."


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You can't change biology.

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Equality and equal rights should apply to all citizens.

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FYI, I recapitulate Articles 11, 12 and 13 of Chapter III of the Japanese Constitution:

Article 11. The people shall not be prevented from enjoying any of the fundamental human rights. These fundamental human rights guaranteed to the people by this Constitution shall be conferred upon the people of this and future generations as eternal and inviolate rights.

Article 12. The freedoms and rights guaranteed to the people by this Constitution shall be maintained by the constant endeavor of the people, who shall refrain from any abuse of these freedoms and rights and shall always be responsible for utilizing them for the public welfare.

Article 13. All of the people shall be respected as individuals. Their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall, to the extent that it does not interfere with the public welfare, be the supreme consideration in legislation and in order governmental affairs.

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Some posters are drowning in their own illogical fears which causes phobias.

I first met transexuals in the 1970s and no the world wasn't destroyed since then.

Families are very wide. Mum and dad, single mum, single dad, gay parents, grandparents, and grandchildren.

Focusing on just males who are transgender to females without the whole LGBT community is illogical and emotional.

Foreigners have no voting rights so these matters are resolved by the citizens of the country while non-citizens can just blow off their steam.

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Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party will accelerate discussion on a bill that would promote understanding of sexual minorities, a senior lawmaker said Sunday, amid growing criticism of the government's conventional stance on LGBT people.

LGBT people already have the exact same rights afforded to non-LGBT people under Japanese laws.

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These days, because of my health condition I am forced to use disabled toilets and thankfully they are plentiful and usually very clean. They are neutral toilets for both sexes and for mothers with babies for diaper changes and breastfeeding.

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LGBT people already have the exact same rights afforded to non-LGBT people under Japanese laws.

No, they do not. LGBT couples do not have the same rights as heterosexual couples. They cannot marry or have a civil union. They cannot be at the bedside of a loved one dying in a hospital, family only. They can not inherit. They cannot adopt children as a family. They do not take tax benefits. There are many differences.

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There is no need for any new law on these issues. The whole population is already covered by enough laws protecting human rights.

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…would promote understanding of sexual minorities…

Will this indoctrination be prepared by only recognized LGBT political groups or will it be open to the science?

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Wallace, you say the LGBT issue has nothing to do with Okinawa base issues. I don't think so. Note that both issues are concerned with basic human rights. 

You can't discuss the abuse of LGBT's human rights, if there are any, without discussing the blatant violation of general Okinawans' human rights by both Japanese and U.S. governments.

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Anti : research your fact because you are definitely wrong because this so call women space was introduced after the 1860,s before that there so no women or men spaces women where use in gambling house to stripped down bearing their nude upper body so no concealment of dodgy dice. Onsen were used by all kid men and women only gasha houses were women separated no where else you can work that out. If you can’t it is because the girls at first chance go freelance and the owner would miss Payment their fire these girls were keep on a string. On One had so-called rights. You were own from day one by the damio

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or will it be open to the science?

Science! Hahaha, never not in a million years, science is dead on this subject.

I remember covid, and my home country government saying follow the science.

But then the same PM when confronted by biological facts on gender suddenly turns away from real science and facts to opinions by fake doctors, fake scientists ( PhD in social science and psychology are not real science) and their theories as facts.

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