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Suga poised to win LDP leadership

By Linda Sieg

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He seems to be a typical do-nothing. He has zero energy. He talks in "politician-speak" -- saying nothing of any value. His press conferences have always been absolutely dire. I cannot see him as being physically up for the job.

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He is not poised he has been anointed months ago

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Nothing wrong with taking a behind the scene approach if that's whats necessary at the time.

His not behind the scene anymore, making all the right moves, getting close to all the right people, so he can become the next Japanese PM.

I see all of this as a sign of ability, a sign of modesty, humble and willing to take advice from the longest serving Prime Minister in Japan's history who has close international relationships with many leaders.

I support Suga so far. I wish him the best if he gets the job. No easy fixes to a tough job at a tough time.

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He has the image as more of a behind-the-scenes operator than a frontline leader but

he'll do just fine as Abe's sock muppet.

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