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Abe discusses Iran, N Korea in call with Trump

By Du Xiaoyi

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If something is achieved by PM Abe regarding the tensions in the Middle East, then he would be an excellent candidate for Nobel Peace Prize. Apart from this, on NK, I also bet for peace and talks, but I see it difficult with a country that insists on firing missiles near Japan every single month or every few weeks.

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There are so many ways that Abe can win Nobel Prize. His contribution to the world peace is definitely more than most Nobel Peace Prize whiners.

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1) Getting a Nobel Peace prize ain't happen because he would need to settle the issues with NK, SK and China.

2) Trump ain't worried about Iran because it is not offering the same TV ratings and distractions that he wanted. He has already been impeached. His focus is revenge.

Besides if Abe was nominated, Trump would be so mad that he would start attacking him on Twitter like bullied a little girl for the Time cover.

LOL! 'Be Best'

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A 75 minute phone call at Trumps request ?? would like to see the transcript of that call, probably found its way into the secure server like all the other calls. I wonder if President Hassan Rouhani would have made the Japan visit if he had known that Abe would discuss those talks immediately with Trump. I wonder how much of those 75 minutes Abe got to talk.

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I think it's a sure bet that Rouhani visited Abe knowing full well that it was a communication channel to Trump.It was a smart move for Japan to send protection but stay out of the coalition. If Iran still claims no responsibility for the attacks on te Norwegian and Japanese Tankers, Rouhani can further Iran-Japan relations by sharing Iran's view of who was responsible.

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At least Abe is a great talker...

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re post: Besides if Abe was nominated, Trump would be so mad that he would start attacking him on Twitter like bullied a little girl for the Time cover.

That Time award going to that girl was as ridiculous as Obama getting the Nobel, what a farce. I would much have rather seen a deserving individual like 1. the doctor who was recently assassinated or the HK youngsters pressing for human rights and democracy from oppression. These are more meaningful and worthy candidates that really gives something back to an award.

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"would like to see the transcript of that call..."

Well, whatever was said, it was perfect. It was beautiful. No collusion.

. - President Trump

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That's a joke. Dont take seriously

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Iran is a great country, nice people, awesome culture and history. none of terrorism crap despite being a muslim country, and the west should stop framing it while kissing Saudi and Israel's rear.

(Now if only they could restore the old Zoroastrianism religion)

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Yeah, I guess you could talk 75 minutes about golf. "How was your front nine last week?"

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