Kishida hopes to put stamp on premiership in upper house election

By Elaine Lies

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A relatively strong showing by the Japan Innovation Party could give momentum to constitutional reform. Like the LDP, it favors change.

But I thought they both were conservatives and don't really favor change or innovation.

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Johnson gone

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You got this PM Kishida. Go you good thing!

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Kishida has pushed back against the neoliberal "Abenomics" of the past decade, instead touting a "new capitalism" that emphasizes greater distribution of wealth to boost growth, although details have been thin.

Pushed back against Neo-liberalism meaning embraced whole-heartedly from subsidies to oil companies to austerity for the public.

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Looking at a very exciting and dynamic leader here. You're looking at the future.

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"Two-time prime minister Abe leads the LDP's biggest faction and remains a domineering presence over the party."

I wonder if Abe's murder will leave a power vacuum, and enable Kishida to exert himself more?

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