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Kishida to join virtual G7 summit over Ukraine crisis


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How about that I pay my taxes for Kishida to make Japan a better place and not to deal with the american agenda in Europe?

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And what will this clown change? Nothing at all. He issues a statement, expresses outrage, maybe our typical "you know, it's complicated and..." and that'll be it. Because for us, Ukraine is far away. And so is Russia, even though we have it a few kilometers from Hokkaido.

We're not going to do anything. Our government will do nothing. No more than some token, embarrassing gesture.

And the way it is being reported here in the media, I don't believe in a symbolic gesture either.

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Japan is a G7 member and will be part of any collective sanctions that will be applied against Russia if thy invade Ukraine. And if they do the econiomic impact will affect everyone from EU to East Asia. Is this simple concept too hard to understand?

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"Kishida vowed to resolve the crisis..."

And he'll smash pollen and destroy Covid! The man can do ANYTHING... well, so long as it's just reading prepared comments, which will be a lot easier on a computer screen. Also, he can just pretend there was some wifi trouble and things froze when he nods off.

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OssanAmerica: "Japan is a G7 member and will be part of any collective sanctions that will be applied against Russia if thy invade Ukraine."

No, they will ask to be an exception while they "stand behind the sanctions". Same as with Iran, and same as with Myanmar, among other "Play both sides" attempts.

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It's too late, Putin has push his forces in motion.

And it's entirely a self inflicted would of the west on themselves. It has none of business with Japan

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Why does he even bother to attend? Japan is a country under American / Russian (Northern Territories) occupation that doesn't even have an army nor is allowed to have one. There nothing this country can do to help.

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For a start he needs some sun time just to be visible on the human optical spectrum. And then he needs to consider what j-inc want. Maybe he should get a dog or cat just to appear somewhat human. Really he is beholden to business and his rabid exophoric voter base. It’s not like he has a choice as some of us humans do.

id like to say to those who doubt my resolve to settle this matter that I have formed several discussion groups, made up of special cabinet advisers (unelected friends) to advise me about how to respond in the year 2023 or 2024. And I expect a quick government response based on what I’m told to do by j- business goals. We have decided to sell flame throwers to Miramar, and other “friendly” nation’s.

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Kishida should stay out of the Ukraine dispute .

What can Japan do about it anyway ?

Vowing to do this or that sounds pathetic .

This is not a wise move for Japan and could possibly worsen territory disputes Japan has with Russia ,China, Korea and the Taiwan issue.

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