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Kono hails Iran's continued implementation of nuclear deal


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Japan should continue to purchase oil from Iran. Pay in Bitcoin or something to avoid Trump's ill-conceived sanctions.

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Good on Iran, and good on Japan for recognizing it.

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What's Japan doing to lessen its dependence on oil and gas? Japan's a country whose aging leaders have done almost nothing to lessen its complete reliance on oil and gas, a country that can be easily held hostage by nations selling it oil and gas.

Until Japan (and other nations) develop better alternatives to burning huge amounts of oil and gas, it'll remain dependent on countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Russia, the US, and other gas and oil exporting nations. You'd think Japan's 'nationalists' would recognize that.

I want to believe Japan has the human resources to develop alternatives, that it has the scientists and engineers who can develop cost-effective alternatives.

Shame the country continues to be run by the tiny handful of oyajis stuck in the past. Cyber security czars who've never used a computer?

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Didn’t trump order japan to stop?

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PTownsend, re "What's Japan doing to lessen its dependence on oil and gas?"...

You could argue that Japan was the first to develop and mass-produce hybrid cars successfully, (Toyota Prius and Honda Insight for example) and that Nissan's mass-production electric cars (Leaf, etc.) have been the most successful around the world so far. Naturally Tesla and China are catching up fast.

You could also argue that Toyota is pushing ahead with hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure despite the huge costs and the negative reaction around the world to this technology. So although what you say is largely true, there are bright spots in Japan.

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For all of you who believe the Iran deal is a good one, I've got a bridge to sell you. Prior notification of nuclear facility inspections? What a joke.

And to the countries that approved the deal with Iran: Are you happy to cooperate with this terrorist nation for a continued supply of oil?

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Iran is a good friend of Japan, and a great nation. Japan has no issue with Iran, no war or terrorist acts. Iran people love Japan and Japanese, very similar thinking, so relationship will continue unchanged. USA has separate issues.

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