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Japan's lower house OKs ¥4.47 tril extra budget for FY2019


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Another "extra-budget"?

This is how many in how many years and how many more can we expect to come?

I mean if i the money will really be used for what they say ......

..... but how much of it will disappear in "dark channels"??

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How are this budject going to be used ???.

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"....384.7 billion yen will finance projects aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses increase their productivity,"

If they can't "increase their productivity" without being subsidized, they don't deserve to stay in business. Let them fold or downsize, rather than have us taxpayers give them free money. There are plenty of jobs around for the laid-off workers.

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TARA TAN KITAOKAJan. 29 02:15 pm JST

How are this budject going to be used ???.

To prop up politically-connected zombie companies, of course.

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Keep the printing presses cranked up.  The more yen we print the less valuable they will (eventually??) become.

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OK, for those of you who are complaining about this “extra budget“ from the “printing press”, might I remind you, like the article stated, that there were a few natural disasters in the past year.

So at the very least, this money will go to help those who have lost their homes, or whose homes were severely damaged, as well as the other damages because of these natural disasters.

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