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Japan's lower house passes contentious LGBT understanding bill


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So, after long and unproductive negotiations finally a bill that makes nobody happy was finally approved, once again politics end up twisting something that could have been very productive to a middle ground that is opposed by people on both sides of the issue.

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The bill is aimed primarily at banning unjust discrimination against people based on sexual orientation as Japan lags behind the other Group of Seven advanced nations in terms of legal protections for sexual minorities.

"We urge you to strive to increase your understanding of people of different sexual orientations. If you , and a majority of your compatriots feel it is just to discriminate against them because they are disturbing group harmony, then you will suffer no consequences."

Imagine if other nations drafted legislation to protect minority rights and ban discrimination in such a manner.

You would probably get more reactionary bastions like Putin's Russia or the Islamist monarchies.

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Why the rush. You need to research what effect AI will have on the earning capacity and function limit of this community. What you decide now may not be beneficial for all of society in a AI world. This community is known for their actionary attitude on trivial matters which might aline common intellect with other sector of society and stifle proper debate. As you read commits above of anti social action alining this community with action not proven ( Child sex abuse ). What would AI make of this and what action be put into law. I say no more debate on this matter until we get grip on AI ability to get it right.

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"All citizens can live with peace of mind"

Open to interpretation in law, vague, ambiguous

As Japan lacks laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT individuals and legalizing same-sex marriage or civil unions, pressure had been mounting both at home and abroad for Tokyo to put such legislation into effect.

Such laws need to be drafted in a manner that is sensitive, reflects Japan culture and society.

At the same time does not create resentment, division between genders and social groups.

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Imagine that you can't inherit your partner's assets, you don't have parental rights to children you may have between you (unless you gave birth to them) and you can't even make medical decisions for them or visit them in the hospital. This is what same-sex couples want, the basic right to live with whom they love and have a secure life.

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El: Japan marriage is unlike a western marriage. Marriage in the west is a Victorian construct made availably to all classes only in the late 1800, and written into a legal ledger. before that low classes just partner up with no legal ceremony needed. In Japan marriage was only for the elites and it was an arrange finance partnership not western construct built around romance and freedoms. Just get married over sea and stay over sea problem sorted.

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John-SanToday  08:17 pm JST

Just get married over sea and stay over sea problem sorted.*

Japan's population is already falling like a stone and you want to push 10 mio Japanese out of their country (LGBT is 8 % of the population).

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You guys know that Japan does recognize same sex marriages legally performed abroad if it involves two foreigners, let’s say American, who are already legally living in Japan on work visa right? Since there is nothing in Japan law they do something like a mirror order which makes it legally binding in Japan. Problem is it only works if both partners are foreign and both foreigners are a citizen of a country that legally recognizes same sex marriage. If you’re Japanese you’re out of luck.

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Imagine that you can't inherit your partner's assets,

Nonsense.. Make a will, you can leave your assets to anyone you like or even your cat.

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Unless married, a partner cannot make medical decisions for the other. A nonrelative cannot be a side of a partner dying hospital.

Japan granted 93 foreigners permission to bring their same-sex spouse


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Japan's more powerful lower house passed a contentious bill on Tuesday to promote understanding of sexual minorities,

We already understand.

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With 70 percent of the Japanese population already having an understanding the law means nothing It’s embarrazzing how this makes the government look and how out of touch they are.

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Just get on with all people having the same marital rights and the whole hand wringing goes away. You’d think someone in the LDP would have figured that out by now.

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One of the most controversial aspects of the bill is a clause stipulating, "All citizens can live with peace of mind," which has been lambasted by critics for prioritizing safeguarding the rights of the majority in society rather than sexual minorities.

"All" citizens. So critics are arguing that "sexual minorities" here in Japan, are not to be considered as a part of the "all"? If the bill is specific to protecting sexual minorities alone, then it allows discrimination against the majority.

Here is where the hard part comes in, to give equal protection under the law, amendments to the constitution must be made as well, and other laws created that take out the wording of marriage is between a man and a woman, and it has to allow women, or men, to keep their own names, and not be forced into taking another name after marriage as well.

This bill, while a step in the right direction, is really just a hald-arsed response to a much deeper problem that is not being faced or dealt with.

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The Pride community is not moving out of Japan in droves. So they must enjoy what Japan offers. Like it a BS issue to the majority of Japanese because they are sexual normal.

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