Japan's MSDF, Solomon Islands hold 1st drill amid China tension


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Japan should use its Coast Guard for such exercises much as the US is using their Coast Guard to cultivate friendships in the region. Coast Guard ships are less threatening than combat ship and Coast Guard crews more suited to law enforcement and EEZ protection type exercises.

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That'll surely make China angry.

Solomons are rapidly becoming a Flashpoint

Curious situation

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So why hasn't China docked and Chinese ships at the Solomons yet ?

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So next the Solomons will hold a drill with the Chinese military ?

China signed an agreement with the Solomons so what's Japan's military and the USA military doing that with the Solomons maritime police for?

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The Solomon Islands has denied that the security pact invites China to establish a military base there.

Great. Now see if you can get China to agree that is the case.

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Nobody has any answers to this thread as to why the USA and Japan are police the area even tho China has a agreement with the Solomons ?

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