Japan's NSC to control defense buildup plan, giving PM more say


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Transparency, accountability both politically and economically?

Don't hide behind a National Security Council, intentions must be defined. Spare the electorate from the misleading, distorted, irrelevant politcical spin.

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Before purchasing expensive weapons from America, we should utilize what we have already. They are our reliable H2A rocket. The rocket is easily turned to ICBM. The second is to use our stock of plutonium which we are in trouble disposing them. Reportedly, Japan has a technology to produce nukes within a year using the materials. It will be realized easily only by changing some words of our constitution.

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Reportedly, Japan has a technology to produce nukes within a year using the materials. It will be realized easily only by changing some words of our constitution.

> When the body bags start coming home, I wonder if you'll be as brash

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Reportedly, Japan has a technology to produce nukes within a year using the materials

try a week. But we know we have them already.

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Japan should make a big headway in the field of joint production of state of art defense weapons instead of buying them costly from overseas and also possess nukes as a deterrence to safeguard its long term interests in hostile volatile environment existing in the region.

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Schopenhauer: " It will be realized easily only by changing some words of our constitution."

Guess you forgot what happened last time. Japan never learns. Step by step once again towards dictatorship.

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So instead of listening to professional military personnel, now a PMs personal agenda overrides them? In saying that these professionals have dropped the ball. Still flying Phantoms a 50 year old aircraft. Issuing assault rifles with wood fittings and no optics. An indigenous produced copy of the German battle tank in such small numbers that they are irrelevant other than for a photo opportunity. I'm sure more tax payer money will be spent upgrading expanding the military forces but to what end, "defence" got that covered now, and with new acquisitions over the next decade a bolstered defence network.

So why this crazed rush to become a military presence in the region are there countries waiting for Japan to free them from a colonial master? Or could it just be an old man wanting to please his mother by emulating her father?

The arguments about this threat or that threat fail to address the character flaws of those making abortary decisions that put at risk our lives and our children's lives. All for a short lived moment of self satisfaction from a group of bitter old men.

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Sharma, please study international before you start fooling around.

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International laws forbid nuclear arms and military industry of Japan. Japan should resists to be NK second and India third to break international laws. War only leads to destruction.

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This starts to sound a little bit as the beginning steps towards a dictatorship.

The SDF of Japan are supposedly just to defend Japan from his enemies, which make the need of a commander in an executive position in the government a little bit unnecessary, since it shouldn't follow policy at all.

There are many governments in which the head of government has a big voice in the military, but Japan's situation is a little bit different.

The worst part is that I'm actually not against Japan having their own military, but this way of doing it in which the law stays the same, but no one ever follows it and the government follows their own internal rules just keep eroding the legitimacy and efficacy of the legal and judicial system of Japan.

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Abe or any other politico does not have the expertise or knowledge to determine eqipment needs or assess alternatives. It is their responsibility to set the policy agenda and the experts to assess the equipment needs to achieve it within a budget allocation determined by the elected representatives.

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Japan is heading into the .22 cenrtry realizing contributing only 1% of their GNP and remaining within the SDF boundaries with nort nor should it be. She will have to go slowly and exercise great self restraint.

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we only pay $48billion for weapons a year plus paying for USA occupation. 6th largest military budget in the world. i think that is enough for a country with a pacifist constitution.

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