Kono in Beijing to lead high-level economic talks


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Good. This is just a beginning of converging. No one can divide Northeast Asia.

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We can get better trade deals with China than the US.

Crippling Japan's economy for the last 30 years wasn't enough, Trump wants to do a repeat in 2019.

After the trade war ends with China, Japan is next on the list. Apparently they never received the message of Japan being a good friend and ally who has supported America, even when it made dumb mistakes. The US reliability towards our country is just like their F-35. It will crash and burn in the Pacific. Holding us back economically, and giving Japan a false/fake sense of security. In the end, Japanese citizens will be the ones who pay the price.

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America will never allow it. Move on...

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The Chinese MFA's English front page currently describes Kono as "Japanese Prime Minister". Perhaps reasoning that the protocol counterpart for the Chinese Foreign Minister should be a Prime Minister. Or deference to Kono's father?

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